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Witch it
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Daedalic Entertainment and developer Barrel Roll Games announce popular multiplayer Hide and Seek game Witch It will fully release on Steam with an extensive update on October 22nd. The multiplayer-focused title has already welcomed over 750,000 players since its Early Access launch in May 2017. What’s even better is that the game is currently on sale on Steam until September 10th.



Tell us more!

Witch It is the ultimate Hide and Seek showdown where hunters and witches compete against each other. A roster of 15 official maps – and numerous additional community creations – invite players to hunt and/or hide from their opponents. Witches have the ability to mimic almost anything in the landscape in order to fool the hunters and stay alive. Witches can switch between different props at will, as well as perform different spells to confuse or scare their opponents! The job of a hunter is to hunt down all the witches for the sake of a peaceful town. Hunters are equipped with a range of different tools and gadgets to help them with their task, whether it is a loyal chicken that scans for sneaky witches or a body slam skill that causes huge impact damage in one area! Seemingly endless customization options invite both sides to create their individual characters. Five different play modes, including Hide & SeekMobification and Hunt a Hag, offer a challenge to any type of player.

The extensive content update at launch includes two brand new magical witch forest maps, a variety of decorative items for witches and hunters as well as a series of extra challenges. Additionally, both classes will each receive a new unique ability, to offer players new gameplay possibilities. Last but not least, bug fixes and many improvements, including new SFX and atmospheric music, make for a more vivid and entertaining game.


Main features:

  • Play as a hunter or witch on fifteen diverse maps, each with its own unique playstyles and prop layouts for you to discover
  • Use a growing array of fun skills to troll and fool your opponents
  • Dynamic, physical-based prop movement allows you to easily locate hiding spots or traverse the maps effortlessly
  • Unlock countless customization options for both hunters and witches, of varying rarities and calibre
  • Progress and level your account to show off your prop hunting and hiding abilities
  • Play on public servers with other experienced prop hunters and witches, or open up your own private server and play with a group of friends


A note from the team

“We are very grateful for the long-time support of our community, which made it possible for us to expand and refine Witch It in an incredibly productive Early Access phase. New and current players can look forward to new features and more content in the future!”


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