Introducing: Takotan – Cute ‘Em Up for Nintendo Switch

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Our friends at Eastasiasoft present, Takotan. This is a horizontal cute ’em up developed by Joseph Calabro and Eastasiasoft. This was released on September 9th but had originally been planned for an earlier release, the developer noted legal issues with the previous name Octonaut. Joseph also noted that the default sound options need to be adjusted for suitable game-play.

Read on below for more details on Takotan, and watch the first ten minutes of gameplay at the bottom of the page. If you purchase the game make sure to let them know Two Beard Gaming sent you!

NSwitchDS Takotan


Tell us more!

Humanity’s last hope has tentacles! The world has been taken over by an alien invasion. On the eve of destruction, humanity calls out for help! Takotan is a retro shoot’em up inspired by 16-bit classics. Save the world from alien invasion by shooting and dodging your way through 8 action-packed levels with sinister bosses! Collect a variety of power-ups including lasers, bowling balls and ninja stars to take down enemies and defend the planet.



• Play in Normal Mode with 1000 shield and 3 lives, letting you recover if you don’t take another hit too quickly.
• Test your skill in Panic Mode with only a shield power-up and no HP, allowing only 2 hits before you’re cooked!
• Design your own challenge with Custom Mode to set max shield, lives, weapon, starting level and more.
• Enjoy a more casual experience in Assist Mode, cutting all damage in half.

You can buy Takotan from the shop today! It’s currently on offer with a 21% discount until 29/09/2020 in the UK or US.

10 MINUTES! Takotan


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