Introducing: Supermarket Shriek for console and PC

Supermarket Shriek
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A new and hilarious physics-based multiplayer game is heading to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC later this year.  Supermarket Shriek comes from developer Billy Goat Entertainment and publisher PQube. Get ready to settle the store in this over the top and unique take on the kart racer genre. PlayStation 4 and PC will get additional microphone support allowing you to literally scream your way to victory!

Supermarket Shriek Switch


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In Supermarket Shriek you can take on the 38-stage story mode solo or with a friend via local multiplayer! One player controls the screams of the man, the other the screams of the goat. You’ll need to work together to guide our heroes to the checkout, avoiding the swinging axes, numerous insane obstacles and pesky DEADLY FIRE PITS along the way.

Control the screams using your controller, or if you’re on PS4 or PC, why not connect two headsets or Sing Star mics and *literally* shriek your way to victory? (obviously, that’s a rhetorical question…). Completing one story mode stage as a co-op partnership unlocks the 3 chaotic PvP party games for between 1 & 4 players (or up to 8 players on Steam!).

Shopping List – A mode that will have Rylan Clark-Neal’s heart all a-flutter. Just like Supermarket Sweep, “Shopping List” sees each player racing around the isles of a supermarket to be the first to collect each of the specified items. Unlike Supermarket Sweep, they’ll also need to contend with moving platforms, circular saws and a pretty significant spillage in aisle 4…

Race – Race your opponents and score points by pulling away into an unassailable lead! Sounds simple, right? But Supermarket Shriek’s unique brand of (shopping) kart racing means anything is possible in this manic and unpredictable race.

Sumo – On the one hand, there’s the traditional sport of Sumo. A noble form of wrestling that preserves many ancient traditions and ritual elements. On the other hand, there’s Sumo mode in Supermarket Shriek. A no-holds-barred clash of man, goat and shopping trolley on a raised platform adorned with circular saws and disappearing floors.


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