Introducing: BIPED for Xbox One

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META Publishing announces co-op action-adventure game BIPED is coming to Xbox One. Following its success on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch the game will be available on the Microsoft Store from September 18th, 2020.



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Developed by China-based NExT Studios (Death Coming, Iris.Fall, Unheard), BIPED puts players in charge of Aku and Sila: two adorable members of the Galactic Service Unit Patrol. After a devastating storm hits Earth, their maintenance pod is swiftly dispatched to reactivate a series of communication beacons. As they explore the blue planet, players will have to solve challenging puzzles and cooperate to carry out their mission.

BIPED was received warmingly by both players and the critics, with over 1700 positive user reviews on Steam. The PC version of the game also earned a score of 75 on Metacritic and won numerous awards, including the Indiecade Europe’s 2019 Audience Choice Award and Indie Prize’s Best Game Design in Asia.


  • Innovative and simple controls. Players can move each of the robots’ legs separately, allowing the bipeds to walk, slide, and even operate complex machinery.

  • Multiple game modes. Players can enjoy BIPED by themselves or invite friends over for a couch co-op session. Remember: Coordination and communication are the keys to overcoming some of Biped’s most challenging puzzles, so make sure you choose your companions wisely!

  • Fun environments to explore. BIPED features a variety of breathtaking locations, including forests, valleys, waterfalls, icy mountains, and many others!


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