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Introducing: Aleste Collection for Nintendo Switch & PS4

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One of my favourite shmups of all time is Space Megaforce for Super Nintendo, also known as Aleste in Japan. Sadly that is not part of this collection and I am crushed. Through likely terrible internet translations, I also can’t confirm if this collection will be released in North America or Europe. M2 is famous for its shmup developments and publications but also known to have kept ESP Ra. De. locked to the Japanese eShop.

aleste collection

Listed below is the collection for consoles and the Game Gear Aleste handheld being released December 24th of 2020.

  • Aleste (Sega Mark III)
  • PowerStrike II (Master System)
  • GG Aleste (Game Gear)
  • GG Aleste II (Game Gear)


The game is currently set to retail at ¥7,480 for the physical Switch / PS4 version, ¥4,950 for the digital Switch / PS4 version, and ¥16,280 for the version bundled with a limited edition white Game Gear Micro system.


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