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Good Pizza Great Pizza
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Good Pizza, Great Pizza
Release 03/09/2020
Switch version tested
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Good Pizza, Great Pizza from TAPBLAZE has always had success on its mobile home platform. Millions of people have downloaded the game to try their hand at running their very own pizza parlour. With easy controls, interesting characters, and compelling incentives to keep coming back, there’s no wonder why this title has found such success. We were excited to see that it’s made its way onto the Nintendo Switch, the true and ultimate mobile platform.


The game is a pizza business simulator. The goal is to get your new pizza joint off the ground against the stiff and nasty pizza competition across the street. That means making some figurative and literal dough. Customers will come in and, sometimes specifically or sometimes cryptically, order a pizza. With their order in mind, you’ll choose the kind of dough, add some sauce and pick your toppings all to make their perfect pizza. The faster you get this done, the more the customer will potentially tip. Increase your profit margins to grown your business. Mess up the order and your customer will leave dissatisfied and just might cost you some cash.


The point is to get things done quick and accurate. Customers will put in orders that absolutely make no sense, but you can ask them to elaborate as a trade-off of eating up time. Some people won’t want sauce. Others might not want the pizza cut at all. This is a judgement-free pizza parlour, and the customer is king. And there are a lot of customers. There’s a wide array of unique and fun characters in this game, with equally fun dialogue. The game is packed with interesting script and tons of pop culture references for those that have their eye on the details. In between workdays the “PNN”, or pizza news network, will buzz on TV to keep you entertained and in the loop with all things pizza.


Money earned during a workday can be used to unlock new ingredients, purchase upgrades, complete repairs, or buy decorations for the initially bare pizza shop. You can customise the floors with different tiling, throw your favourite posters up onto the walls or even go a different direction with the pizza boxes. You can have a lot of fun here, giving you plenty of incentive to do well and keep those customers happy.


The controls are straight forward. Use the analogue sticks to choose your ingredients, spread em around with a button, and slice the pizza up using the sticks again. Here is where the controls don’t feel tight, as you loop around the pizza trying to cut it into perfect little slices for your customers. Good thing the customers do not care about how the slices look, as long as it’s sliced to the correct amount of slices (two slices is just a whole pizza cut in half). So it’s hard to hold this against Good Pizza, since it doesn’t really negatively affect the game, but does seem like something that would be much more fluid on mobile.

Music is upbeat and smiley, with an accordion giving you that pizzeria atmosphere. It does get pretty repetitive when playing for extended amounts of time, but this title is an absolute pick up and play. Art is lovely, and I can’t help but feeling like I’m inside of Bob’s Burgers. There’s even the annoying competition across the street! The game also adds challenges to get you to go above and beyond when making your pizza dynasty.


Final Words:

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a great game. Meant to be consumed in small bursts, the game gives you plenty of reasons to try and do your best every time. The characters are always interesting, and the gameplay is simple yet loves to shake it up with off the wall pizza requests. It’s an easy game to get drawn into just by the charm on its own.


star 9

TBG Score: 9/10

nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Nintendo, Mobile
Release Date: 03/09/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Simulation, Strategy
Developer: TapBlaze
Publisher: PM Studios
Twitter: @goodpizzagame
Download link: US eShop / UK eShop


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