Dark Crystal – What’s Next For The Age of Resistance?

The Dark Crystal
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After almost 40 years of waiting, fans of the original Jim Henson production, The Dark Crystal, rejoiced at the opportunity to return to Thra, when Netflix unveiled it’s all new live-action TV prequel. Now, less than 12 months later, the show has been cancelled.

It’s no secret that the team here at TBG are HUGE fans of the show, and like all of you, have cried worse than skekTek having his eyeball eaten by a Peeper Beetle, at this truly horrifying news. But fear not, because we’ve come up with a few different ways that Henson Company CEO Lisa Henson and her team can keep the light from going out on the Crystal of Truth.

The Dark Crystal 2019 Peeper Beetle Skeksis



The Dark Crystal

OK, so then first option is not great, but it is a distinct possibility. If Netflix isn’t willing to continue on with The Age of Resistance, then there’s every possibility that the story ends here.

Some people described the ending of AOR as a cliff hanger, because deep down we all know that it was merely the calm before the storm, but if nothing further ever comes of the story then showing the Gelfling armies victorious would at least be a positive note to end things on, leaving it to our imaginations to bridge the gap between the 2019 TV show and the 1982 original movie.



The Dark Crystal Disney+

Other shows have been cancelled and found new life on other networks and streaming services, so why can’t The Age of Resistance? Given the relationship between The Jim Henson Company and Disney, consideration might be given to reviving the show as part of the Disney+  service, especially if they’re considering adding more adult content in the near future.

If not Disney, then why not HBO or Prime Video?



The Dark Crystal cast

Let’s assume that a new network isn’t willing to pick up the tab for the ultra-expensive TV show. In that case, Henson could attempt to shop a movie sequel instead, a  one-off showcase to bring the story to its logical conclusion. Surely anyone looking to invest in new projects over in Hollywood would only need to be shown a few clips of The Age of Resistance to see the potential in taking this Game of Thrones with puppets style story back into cinemas.



The Dark Crystal comic


Prior to the announcement of a TV show, The Dark Crystal universe continued on as a series of comics and books, as well as fan fiction. Logically, this could be a way to continue the story if a live-action follow up does not come to fruition. It may not be a medium a lot of casual viewers would be willing to embrace, but for the die hard fans, it would just be a means to an end to keep their beloved fandom alive.


Where do you see the future of The Dark Crystal going? Is this really the end of the Skeksis/Gelfling war? Let us know in the comments below.


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