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Cheap Thrills: Atomic Heist – Nintendo Switch Review

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Atomic Heist Switch

Atomic Heist
Release 13/09/2019
Switch version tested
Reviewer Purchasednintendospacer

Hello and thank you for listening to Trevor’s Game Corner, I am still Trevor and I’m in the corner. We are revisiting the Cheap Thrills series of reviews and this episode, as you can imagine, is about Atomic Heist.

I snagged this dealio on the eShop for I believe, 19 cents. Or 19 gold coins for all you gold savers out there. I thought this was some sort of shmup and it was on the low low so it became a contender for Cheap Thrills. This game was developed by Live Aliens, yes the green ones, and published by Drageus Games.

NSwitchDS AtomicHeist

The main menu screen is very appealing and has our orange ship skating through a level with the pulsing Atomic Heist logo, looks great and I was pretty excited to start. The tutorial is underwhelming and makes the player shoot all sorts of upgrade boxes and gives an explanation. This was boring and unnecessary as it was simply that, shooting boxes and reading. It wasn’t fun and didn’t open up the game at all to give a real preview of what’s to come.

Sliding into the game it did not hold back from unleashing the bullets from our foes. At first, I was unaware this was twin-stick so I kept sliding into enemies as you must face them to shoot. Once I grasped the controls gameplay felt better. Loads of boxes with ammo and upgrades are littered through the stages. I often found myself running out of bullets and luckily had already shot and opened nearby loot. Enemies are all ships that resemble a look of bugs, with one standing out like a moth type ship.

Areas seem cramped and I often felt boxed in with the enemy. The race against radiation is a time limit factor that can be offset by emitters that reduce radiation. I’m really not sure where our health bar is at and laughed at that. Gameplay felt like enemies should be peppered on the go. Shoot them then hide, repeat. I felt like that viewpoint could have been zoomed out a bit as well.

Music was subtle but fitting, nothing that stood out particularly. It can and will be overshadowed by the loud shots of our own bullets. Swapping weapon types and shots can be done on the fly which is cool. Shots didn’t feel satisfying and felt a bit hollow. I’m not entirely sure but I think our own shots can hurt us. Once the first level was completed the game said I was 10% complete so you could likely finish this game in a half-hour sitting.


Final Words:

Overall this game was a bit lacklustre in design, feel, and gameplay. I kind of compared this game to Blue Rider but I would recommend that game over Atomic Heist. This wasn’t the game for me, so I can’t say it was worth the 19 gold points nor can I recommend it to my friends.

Friends, thank you for listening and reading, I appreciate your support as well as my monthly supports that help the podcast make progress. Thank you from Trevor’s Game Corner, take care and game on!


Not Recommended

nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Xbox, Nintendo
Release Date: 13/09/2019
No. of Players: 1
Category: Shooter, Action
Developer: Live Aliens
Publisher: Drageus Games
Twitter: @LiveAliens
Download link: eShop

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