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Project Helios

1971 Project Helios
Release 09/06/2020
Switch version tested
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Post-apocalyptic tidings and finding the cure.

All while fending off hordes of evil motivations, all covered in snow, it seems to be the best move for a dying society. All in chess form, and with a bleak look, 1971 Project Helios undergoes a similar plot in a new formation as bullets fly, machetes are drawn, and canines are good to go to shank through teeth bites.

Aesthetics, for Helios, is a bit higher in terms of the camera placements. Rotational 3/4 quarter views allow all squares to be present even if obstructed. Exploration happens with the leader, but then gets switched to a grid area. There are no escapes. Just fight or die. The narrative is mostly brought upon by cutscenes while your team is in the ice and snowy traps. Some of the visual choices are pretty good via other systems than switch, in this venue. Campfire talks can get more heavy as the story progresses.

NSwitch ProjectHelios


Running through the snow while fending off vile fiends.

1971 feels a bit like those turn-based titles before it. A bit more in the vein of a more centralised feel. Units are more unique, which would probably put it to more of a Shining Force take. Guns are mostly commonplace, with staple X-COM runs. Overwatch being able to track an enemy movement. Struggling against other elements, such as cold, will be put into play later on. It’s a cool twist compared to relying on just the combat to end your turn or squad.

A couple of missteps in the Helios plans come to the light. I can’t see what the stats are like on enemies during battles. It would be good to know how the hits would be calculated or at what velocity. It’s a skewered view in its right. Especially with it being a strategy game. One death end conditions may be stere, but that doesn’t render all that clear. If anyone dies, it’s game over. There are a few glitches that pop up, especially when deaths happen. A few op tactics already run through this vein as the enemy may not have the arsenal as the party. A bit extra polish, in the music tracks when deaths happen, would bring a bit more closure.


1971 PROJECT HELIOS - Launch Trailer (ESRB)


Final Words:

1971 Project Helios is a decent shot at the turn-based strategy genre. Its length, for this type, does bring about concerns, but with what they’ve been thrown, unique motives and characters with a dash of management on the side. While it’s still evident that 1971 has a few things to patch up. Regardless, 1971 Project Helios plays it safe and might be something that could take away from its scary campaign.


star 7

Score: 7

nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo
Release Date: 09/06/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Strategy
Developer: RecoTechnology
Publisher: RecoTechnology
Website: www.recotech.es
Twitter: @RecoTechnology
Download link: eShop

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