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Iron Wings – Nintendo Switch Review

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Iron Wings
Release 25/06/2020
Switch version tested
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In a property, out in New York, near the modern-day, a news reporter interviews a war veteran about his exploits in the great war. His contributions, determination, and courage are about to be felt by you. Jack’s tale of ironsights and show tunes is about to get real in a way you won’t expect.

Iron Wings takes place during the 2nd World War with Jack and Ameilia, two pilots from regiments which were sidelined for the other ranks. As the Nazis descend into view as the new threat, Jack is called into action to investigate during a warbonds fundraiser. He immediately enlists his childhood friend, Amelia, as his wingmate, and together, they ascend to the front lines of the most brutal campaigns ever to rock the planet.

Fully voiced and graphically sound, this 2016 hit runs smoothly on the Nintendo Switch and aesthetically pushes itself through the air. Jack is given missions from either his superiors, through waypoints or radio hails. Some character models are grittier than others and the planes have that coat of paint that’s newer than a car coming off the lot. Outside of a few modern references (spot the Britney Spears song – I dare you!), the script is an added detail.

NSwitchDS IronWings

Iron Wings attempts the dogfighting moves from some of air fighting’s brightest. Ace Combat usually came to mind when going in for the kill against a Nazi ace. The pilot will chase its prey with the ability to unleash harsher rounds against the foes high and low. On the ground, enemies will take damage. The game’s FMVs will kick in, showing your targets either scatter or blow up. It’s pretty cool to watch.

What changes up Iron Wings from other flight sims is the dependency on your winged brethren/sistren. Either pilot can command the other to take other enemies within the space after targeting. The pilot will then come back to formation once the deed is done. As to how this “return to base” snapback happens feels a bit unrealistic, but it’s a nice addition. When buying equipment, both pilots will have their share of items to utilise. Bombing can also happen, too. Other gadgets are added to the fold later on.

NSwitchDS IronWings

Iron Wings does have some engine troubles as it tries to land as a Nintendo Switch port. The invisible timer seems to come out of nowhere in some missions and is very unforgiving. How you are getting the clock when 2:00 minutes are left, is pretty strange and off-putting. This somewhat persists in arcade mode. How the characters can know when obstacles block shots when they’re taking on their own targets was a bit strange, also. The help times did feel a bit vague, especially on harder enemies. AI would pull back while taking damage, even if it is a teamwork thing. Perhaps some backup would be a good idea. Dogfighting mode feels more like a dependency than it does an addition. I wouldn’t mind killing enemies by just shooting them, but dogfighter mode is constantly applied to add pressure. While it’s adding intensity to battles, it loses muster after feeling as if it’s the only aerial method of war.

NSwitchDS IronWings


Final Words:

Iron Wings gives off its own Red Tails feels minus the George Lucas budget and Tyler Perry “anyone gets a part” acting. As brutal as World War 2 can possibly be, Iron Wings depicts the aerial assaults in a suitable and vibrant fashion from its Indie dev team. A few notches off of its own ideas, Iron Wings is definitely a standout in its period genre.


star 8

TBG Score: 8/10

nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Xbox, Nintendo
Release Date: 25/06/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Action, Arcade
Developer: NAPS Team
Publisher: NAPS Team
Twitter: @napsteam
Download link: eShop

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