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Get 10 Quest – Nintendo Switch Review

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Get Quest

Get 10 Quest
Release 17/07/2020
Switch version tested
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Get 10 Quest is an understated, yet highly addictive, puzzler that will have you frantically fingering the touchscreen in order to conquer 80 wonderfully crafted levels. Released for the Nintendo Switch by fantastic developer and publisher Fantastico Studio the million-dollar question is – does Get 10 Quest succeeded in stimulating your brain cells or leave you scratching your head? Let’s dig in.

Get 10 Quest offers two modes of play, Endless or Levels. Endless speaks for itself whereas the Levels mode introduces variation in the requirements needed to progress. The core gameplay mechanic remains but you will find anything from a countdown clock to the number of moves allowed thrown on top. Speaking of which, the principal mechanic is to combine number-coded squares with their matching counterparts in order to merge them. For example, combine all the number one squares to create one new square with the value of two – this logic applies for all featured numbers in the puzzle. Combine, merge and make way for further squares then repeat. Sounds pretty straight forward right? and for the most part it is. There are limitations to how this can be achieved naturally, matching numbers can only be paired using the standard compass, or d-pad, directions (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT with no diagonals). This design is very much a staple of the number merge genre which makes Get 10 Quest feel familiar while providing a significant learning curve that introduces the need for tactical thinking in the later stages. It isn’t always just a race to clear out as many small, or large, combinations as humanly possible each go, sometimes you will need to ponder the butterfly effect caused. Why clear four squares when a tactical move will clear the screen for one additional turn.

NSwitchDS GetQuest

On the visual front Get 10 Quest is best classed as functional. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with the way it looks, it’s just nothing to write home about and would be perfectly at home on any smartphone. There certainly is beauty in simplicity and Get 10 Quest is clean and crisp. Colours can be used to help identify the value of a square when working at speed as each is assigned to a set value. The audio falls into the same category, nothing offensive just not overly essential for this experience. Again, if this were a mobile game you’d probably be playing on the bog with the music off. Thankfully you can still do this with the Switch in handheld mode.

Which brings us nicely along to the controls. Two setups are on offer, everything is mapped to the traditional analogue and button combo or you can use the touchscreen. Both work as expected, although the mouse style pointer is slower so stick with using your fingers and hope your reaction speed is fast enough for the timed events. The performance was flawless throughout with no issues or slowdown arising.

NSwitchDS GetQuest


Final Words:

Get 10 Quest is a minimalist, well presented and polished number puzzle game. The core mechanic is quick to learn but will have you repeating later levels numerous times to fine-tune the solution. During my playthrough, repeating levels never became a chore as the age-old pull of ‘just one more try’ had me hooked. While the game doesn’t deliver anything groundbreaking and could benefit from some extra options or modes (online leaderboards too) it is fun to play and won’t break the bank. If your brain cells are up for a challenge then Get 10 Quest is worth adding to the collection.


star 7

TBG Score: 7/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo
Release Date: 17/07/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Puzzle, Strategy
Developer: Fantastico Studio
Publisher: Fantastico Studio
Twitter: @fantasticodev
Download link: eShop

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