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The purpose of my Cheap Thrills series is to discuss low-cost games in a bite-sized format. A sort of first impressions or how it hits the video game palette. You can also listen to my thoughts here.


What about that discount?

Conduct TOGETHER! is by far the deepest sale I’ve come across, it started at $20/£17.99 and dive-bombed down to ONE CENT! (89p) One theory I heard was that these sales do one of two things, prompt buyers to look into other games by the publisher, or move them to the top bestsellers list until they change the cost and make a little more money. Neither of these worked on me as I simply purchased for one gold coin and moved on.

NSwitchDS ConductTogether


All aboard the hype train

This is essentially a train conducting simulator with jazzy tunes. You’re tasked with stopping trains to avoid collisions, picking up passengers and dropping them off at their correct station so if your train is blue make a stop at the blue station then collect some coins. 

Okay, the opening sequence goes straight into gameplay which is smooth. The look and style of the game reminded me of a more smoothed-out and maybe a cleaner looking Donut County. It has a bright-looking, kind aesthetic. Controlling the train Includes slowing downtime, stopping the train completely, and switching tracks. 

The tutorial put my switch into hyperdrive and I can hear the fans blazing. What is going on in this game to cause this? I’ve no idea but this game, which could possibly be put on mobile devices, is working hard to get these passengers to their destination and your switch is paying for it.

Upon completing the tutorial we have a stage select screen with locked areas, blacked-out stages, and missions such as “don’t hit the bus”. Pick up passengers, stop the train when the crossing is near, start the train, drop off passengers and collect 25 coins to complete the level. You’re given stars out of three and the next level is unlocked. At this point, I’m thinking this is a game I could recommend to my nephew and can’t see myself playing alone or with a friend. 


Then the second stage began.

Controlling your train but also directing another by switching the rails to avoid collisions. Now it’s interesting. Trains collide and rocky smoke formations billow above. I could see this being a good laugh with friends and getting more chaotic with each level increasing in speed and difficulty. The third level you’re tasked with switching rails for two trains to avoid another that doesn’t stop and it’s a good training level to show that you don’t need to stop the train, otherwise you will worry about the timer and receive fewer coins as a result. Once the area is completed you’re given a medal rating which I scored GOLD, unlocked a 1985 shinkansen Japanese train.


Conduct TOGETHER! Launch Trailer


Final Stop:

This is a funny game that took me by surprise and I can say it is well worth one cent and can be played by children or used in a hang out with friends for a few laughs. I cannot believe this was ever $20/£17.99 and the way it pushes the Switch fans to turn on is weird but I’m glad I picked up Conduct TOGETHER! and it’s worth the time and storage space. 



nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo
Release Date: 06/12/2018
No. of Players: 1-4
File Size: 277 MB
Category: Puzzle, Party
Developer: Northplay
Publisher: Northplay
Website: www.conductthis.com
Twitter: @conductthis
Download link: eShop

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