Cheap Thrills: Bug Academy – Nintendo Switch Review

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bug academy

Bug Academy
Release 23/03/2020
Switch version tested
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The purpose of my Cheap Thrills series is to discuss low-cost games in a bite-sized format. A sort of first impressions or how it hits the video game palette.


Antz in your pants

Bugs, blocks, and plenty of bovine fun await when you power up your Nintendo Switch to play Bug Academy. Developed by Igrek Games and published by Ultimate Games, BA is a whimsical physics-based puzzle game. Players take control of fly from the offset (with a few more options later) and quickly learn the uber simplistic controls.

Visually, BA is joy on the eyes. The cardboard cutout aesthetic adds to the childhood bliss as you zip around colliding with blocks that react to your weight and topple over as you secure gems, cows, or even assistants. The levels, while constructed to resemble real-world environments, do an amazing job of transporting a player into the imaginary world children journey to when lost in play.

Audio-wise, BA, is a joy for the ear canals. The silly upbeat music accompanied by the right amount of insect whining is more than appropriate and helps continue to draw players into this imaginary world. That said, your laughter will probably drown out the majority of the sound as BA does not skimp on the fun.

NSwitchDS BugAcademy

Played with and by my nine-year-old daughter, BA is an absolute breath of fresh air. While a lack of multiplayer is a bit disappointing, the ability to sit next to your little one while they try and solve increasingly harder challenges is a delight. You may start just lifting cows and bringing them to their pen but before long you’re hunting for your sleeping assistant bugs to help you deliver refrigerators, put out fires or even paint. Experienced gamers can easily beat it in one sitting but will most certainly come back for more experimentation and cow tossing.


A bugs life

In a world drowning in Roblox and Minecraft, Igrek Games, went into the way back machine and brought back a game that is just fun. Given its PEGI 3 designation, you can be sure it is safe for your kids unless you have an unhealthy prejudice towards insects. That said rest assured that this is a quality little title that will entertain the little ones for hours on end.



TBG kids approvednintendospacerPlatform: PC, Xbox, Nintendo
Release Date: 23/03/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Platformer, Puzzle
Developer: Igrek Games
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Twitter: @ultgames
Download link: eShop

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