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Awesome Pea 2 – Nintendo Switch Review

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Awesome Pea 2
Release 03/06/2020
Switch version tested
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Sometimes You has returned with the sequel to Awesome Pea coming to PC and consoles June 3rd. This cute 2D platformer has a refined Game Boy look, with complimenting music. Lead Greedy Pea through spikes, saws, and pellets while collecting coins in this handheld adventure. I had the pleasure of reviewing a Switch copy, so massive thanks to developer Pigeon Dev Games and Sometimes You. I reviewed the previous adventure and I’m happy to say Awesome Pea 2 made some great improvements. Let’s get into it.

NSwitchDS AwesomePea

Bob your head to great main menu music because Awesome Pea 2 has just that. Think of it as a preview of what’s to come in the game. For those that enjoy a good CRT effect this game offers that, but for me I opted to turn it off. I don’t enjoy that look personally so it would be nice to have the option to change it in the pause menu and not just the main screen. The overworld showcases all twenty-five levels starting with level zero, in a familiar-looking map. Traverse from island to island collecting coins and beating levels in the fastest time. I have no idea why there is a timer but maybe that has something to do with achievements or a nice touch for speedrunners. Collecting coins also has no effect beyond making the game more enjoyable, which I highly recommend. If you choose to avoid scooping up all coins per level you’re likely going to fly through this game and not have a good time. Go for a fast time and snag all the coins to get the most out of Awesome Pea 2 and enjoy the graphics and tunes.

NSwitchDS AwesomePea

The same great main menu music extends to the overworld but changes per level. Not only that, it matches each level in a way that enhances gameplay. I find myself jamming to the music more than thinking about the difficulty of the stage, which is easier on the first half. Level 0 has this spacey hip-hop vibe and layers of colours in the background that lead to a starry sky. Level 1 has an upbeat video-gamey sound that fits with the castle dungeon design. Level 2 has house music (wait for the drop) in a fast tempo that matches the newly introduced waves of pellets flying across the screen. Backgrounds may all be different shades of green but that doesn’t hold it back from displaying an amazing level design. The third level has a super DnD sound that yet again matches the dark watery Castlevania appearance. Pools of water to jump over, waterfalls in the background, and those wall-mounted torches. Maybe I’m using my imagination a bit but I love it. Awesome Pea 2 has six awesome tracks that are certainly impressive but sadly repeat over the next eighteen levels.

NSwitchDS AwesomePea

Platforming over spikes and under enemies feels good and the jump is responsive. It doesn’t have the quickest clicky feel as other games but it doesn’t warrant the need. I find myself flowing through areas intuitively because of the great level design. I don’t fancy my playing style akin to the frustrating precision platforming games but Awesome Pea 2 is welcoming in that regard. There is some give in timing and flow of enemies so don’t think this game is all about high memorisation of objects and character placement. It’s more of a laid back and enjoy the ride with some bumps along the way type ride. Every death is awarded with automatic restarts without starting the music over. I love that feature so much! In hunting down every coin I did fumble quite a lot but the bouncy, feel-good music and helpful restarts took away a ton of frustration. There are no boss battles but I had a feeling I would be surprised at the end with one. The story ends and our Greedy Pea blasts off into space looking for another adventure, so maybe we will be seeing a third instalment?

NSwitchDS AwesomePea


Final Words:

I love seeing more Game Boy style games on the eShop and Awesome Pea 2 is a great addition. It’s a lovely looking platformer that doesn’t have a high difficulty making it accessible to all to enjoy. The tunes and design are my favourite aspects and it shows the developer could excel in other genres as well. My playtime was over an hour I believe, and the game is only $6/£4.49. I enjoyed the game and would recommend it to others. 


star 7

TBG Score: 7/10

nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo
Release Date: 03/06/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Platformer, Arcade
Developer: Pigeon Dev
Publisher: Sometimes You
Twitter: @Pinkerator
Download link: eShop

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