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TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2 – Nintendo Switch Review

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tt isle of man ride on the edge

TT Isle of Man 2
Release 14/05/2020
Switch version tested
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The very dangers of motorsport can be articulated with a two-pronged effect. Blistering speeds, dazzling scenery, and shockingly fatal ways to eat pavement. The races themselves are noted to be the most fatal in the history of sport, leaning to at least a death a year. Does that stop our fearless road warriors from execution? One doubts that. Especially without the prep and journey to sustain that.

NSwitch TTIsleOfManRideOnTheEdge

Isle of Man 2 may be what Gran Turismo is to the car world from the looks of it. Long rides through countrysides as the cycles, for what the Switch is capable of, have received slightly downgraded aesthetics on each model. Each cycle having a bit of a clean polish. The backgrounds resembling their real-world counterparts. Mist, clear or sunny, your racer is good to go against the elements, the curves, and fellow racers. Bike models and riders are present too, such as Suzuki and Kawasaki to name a few. The tracks themselves are in three divisions (Ireland, UK, and the Isle of Man) for their locations. The Isle of Man did get the highest detail for that course compared to the non-titled ones which is to be expected. Isle of Man’s UI is easy to understand and a quick in-and-out feel to it. There are no elaborate pushes from its core.

NSwitch TTIsleOfManRideOnTheEdge

Isle of Man doesn’t slouch in terms of the gameplay. Isle of Man’s difficulty is an exhilarating punishment akin to some of the hardest climbs within any game. Each gear shift increases the crash rate, where a sudden miss in the velocity and control can mean wipeout. I’ve attested to many a fall within this game alone. Is this precision? or possibly the tightest handle one could muster? A good racing sim’s handles should be accessible, but in this end: it’s a bit more doubtful to trust the touch and go more times than the git gud. The AI doesn’t pose as much of threat compared to the ride.

NSwitch TTIsleOfManRideOnTheEdge

Career mode unlocks bikes and perks to give one an edge, but perks are not as effective to the races. Kit, your manager, track your progress from signing contracts to taking on the asphalt. It’s nearly Everest to get to the main event, but with some practice, sponsors, and some yearly runs, TT will come sooner than you think.

NSwitch TTIsleOfManRideOnTheEdge

Isle of Man 2 may be a beautiful voyage into racing, it has a few bumps along the road. One issue I have with Isle of Man 2 is the ignorance of its own abilities. We live in an age where stills, of cars for games, can be done by the game itself. Why Isle of Man 2 refuses is an intriguing call. The load times are a bit much for what it’s pulling off. I was not able to get into a match or had matches in multiplayer. Sometimes, there are difficulties trying to start. AI players can get a bit dumbfounded. Pixelation is random at best in terms of decals. Add the blur effect and it’s hard to tell if the decals were given as much polish as the Isle of Man course itself. The devil’s sure in those details.


Final Words:

For what it’s worth, TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2 could be the motorcycle game any race fan should experience. From its handling to its hardcore tire-screeches, you feel the rush and the runs. A noteworthy pick-up for challenges and thrill-seekers who crave the European motorsport rush from the comfort of their Joypads.


star 8

TBG Score: 8/10

nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo
Release Date: 14/05/2020
No. of Players: 1-8
Category: Racing, Sports, Sim
Developer: Kylotonn
Publisher: Nacon
Twitter: @ttiomthegame
Download link: eShop

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