Train Station Renovation: Enters Early Access

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The Early Access for Train Station Renovation began on April 30th. The game will allow gamer’s to restore abandoned railway stations and trains and bring them back to life. Live Motion Games studio responsible for the project plans to work closely with the community and develop the game further basing on gamer’s feedback.


About Train Station Simulator

Train Station Renovation offers endless possibilities being divided into 10 maps (stations) which will gradually teach gamer’s new mechanics and help them manage different working environments. Players will start with small rural stations to ease in and eventually be challenged with sprawling train stations in metropolitan areas.

Renovators will have many tools and options at their disposal for repairing and decorating stations. But they will also be able to get new equipment, unlock new options and upgrade them while renovating. Being a sandbox game Train Station Renovation won’t limit gamer’s creativity or imagination in restoring abandoned railways in any way.


The decorating aspect isn’t the only thing the game has to offer, however. A complex economy system has been added to increase realism. In addition to the money needed to buy new items and repair materials, gamers will also be able to benefit from segregating waste or completing additional tasks.



  • Different difficulty levels to choose from for both hardcore and casual players;
  • 10 railway stations placed in diverse locations;
  • Each station with its unique character representing the station’s history;
  • Rich equipment with tools for every occasion;
  • The possibility to repair and renovate old trains both from the inside and the outside;
  • The ability to upgrade renovation tools;
  • The economy aspect allowing gamers to manage funds and finding ways of making additional money;
  • Sandbox gameplay experience giving gamers the freedom of the way their renovated railway stations look like;
  • A strong focus on future expansion.



A word from the Community Manager

“We’re well aware that launching Steam Early Access is just the beginning and we’re ready for that. We’re eager to work with gamers and in result to bring them the game that will meet their expectations. This first project of ours will be created truly from gamers to gamers.” – said Kamil Judasz, Live Motion Games Community Manager.


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