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SNK GALS’ FIGHTERS – Nintendo Switch Review

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Release 29/04/2020
Switch version tested
Reviewer Purchasednintendospacer

When you’ve had about 5 tournaments in a row, year-to-year, back to back, yet misrepresent both sexes in your title: what do you get? A few mainstays, some other extra guests, and Miss X, in a ladies night more brutal and star-studded than the Missy Elliot take. Before the age of Fatal Cutie and the rise and fall of the Playmore guard, SNK attempted to make an all-woman club brawl with the carrot of wishes dangled infront of these rabbits in 2D form. How did the Queen of Fighters fair as a revival port?

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GALS’ Fighters is a colorful roster of female fatates from SNK’s super universe. You’ve got Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, and Last Blade, all giving out beatdowns in a one-on-one Neo Geo Pocket Color situation. Each Gal Fighter is super-deformed and equipped to dish it out. SNK seemed to not spare the expense when it came to faithfulness. Mai Shiranui’s kits and options are variants of her moves up ’99 with a few charcoal effects. Each “gal” is an anime cute, with zany abilities, wardrobe changes, and separate drives as to why they want the K’ Talisman. Some want love, some want respect, others want… hair?! What really drives them could be revealed when a Super Move Finish is done on the opponent. 3 flash card quick screens show artwork of dear things. The port itself offers a couple of extras such as manuals, zoom, and 2 player head-to-head views.

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GALS’ FIGHTERS itself works within it’s limits to keep the action nearly as sane as it’s Neo Geo forefathers. A 3 bar super gauge, 2 rounds per bout, and nearly every decent fighting game variant. Rolls are back, also. The super taunts can add more to the fight by changing stats. For instance, Yuri’s super taunt gives her faster speed on moves while Whip’s might disable certain specials if a character is hit. The music is as much as a handheld could procure, with a few stages of quite the same. There are no real favourites when it comes to stages and songs. All leading up to final confrontation of a slightly familiar face. Items are available to also alter fights after acquiring them from defeated foes.

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As there were some hits, in GALS’ FIGHTERS, there are some glaring misses in it’s second round out. Compared to it’s other NGPC counterparts, there have been less offerings on modes in GALS’ FIGHTERS. You’ve only got a few fighting stuff compared to some of other classics like Match of The Millenium – the SNK vs. Capcom run. The title itself eclipsed that of even SVC: Chaos due to it’s care in detail. GALS’ FIGHTERS shied away from team formats that the system can literally undertake with not much of a damage to the system. GALS’ FIGHTERS played it too safe and only included a multiplayer and single player modes. Potentially, NGPC can do immensely more.

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Final Words:

GALS’ FIGHTERS is a nostalgic trip that didn’t let up. It’s choices are sound examples of what SNK has done when it’s house is not divided and tampered with. While GALS’ FIGHTERS rocked in many ways serious and comical, in terms of fan service and a possible answer to Pocket Fighter: it also lacked the stuffing to survive subsequent playthroughs. GALS’ FIGHTERS can be fun for the moment, but this one’s charm, compared to other NGPC classics, can be savored in multiplayer only. An amazing steal on the Nintendo Switch right now.


star 8

TBG Score: 8/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 29/04/2020
No. of Players: 1-2
Category: Fighting
Developer: Aicom
Publisher: SNK
Twitter: @SNKPofficial
Download link: eShop

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