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It’s been a while since the Child’s Play TV series spin-off was announced, but we’re finally starting to hear a few rumblings on the internet and it’s sounding like we’re in for tons of fun when the show finally drops on SYFY.

Child’s Play: The TV Series was announced at around about the same time as the recent remake, which starred Mark Hamill as a creepy AI version of the demonic doll. The reimagining split opinion among fans of the long-running horror series, but franchise creator Don Mancini says his TV off-shoot will be 100% the real deal.

In an interview with SyFyWire, Mancini, who is not a fan of the new movie, revealed to the horror community that the plan for the TV show is to return the characters to their horror roots, revisiting the terror that existed within the original trilogy. For the last few years, Chucky and his demented travelling sideshow of supporting characters have taken a sidestep into the world of comedy and satire with the ever expanding universe created in the movie timeline. As fun as the movies have been, it will certainly be a breath of fresh air to bring back the dark tones that kept kids awake at night back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Mancini also went on to confirm that the series will rely entirely upon old school puppetry rather than CGI, which will also help bring back the authenticity of the early movies.


Child's Play (1988) - Official Trailer (HD)


Will you be watching the Child’s Play TV series when it finally crees on to the small screen? Which ally or enemy from the movies would you like to see return for one more outing if you could pick? Let us know in the comments section, or over on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


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