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Wanba Warriors – Nintendo Switch Review

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Wanba Warriors
Release 26/03/2020
Switch version tested
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Almost out of a page in Sun Tzu’s Art of War, these stick warriors duel for the field. Two combatants wage a battle fought through poles and other objects. One must admit: there was a time where stick figure fighting was the rage. Will Wanba Warriors bring about this era to a new glory? One way to find out in contests of might against at least 10 warriors.

NSwitchDS WanbaWarriors

Wanba Warriors is definitely a fighting game of a period stature. The fights take place on a battlefield of a grey tone plain. With a stamina gauge to control their statures, the round figures dance between each other, with objects meant to take swings at them. It’s 2 vs. 2, but no real tag. The controls are nothing complex or overly deep, which does create an even field. Fighters lose stamina, and there could be blood. Who’s to say where these little men and possibly women have ascended from, but one can be sure that where the conflict goes, these runs of death will surely follow.

Characters are locked into scuffs through movement of a pendulum both have. Between that, they possess special talents and abilities. Some to a degree of insanity, while others hold more tame and controllable powers. Basket for one has bees he unleashes. Monkey calls upon a smaller fighter to tag-team the foe as an NPC called – you guessed it – Monkey. After a certain point, and a dead opponent’s corpse becomes a hassle – the fight continues if in doubles. Dismembered foe’s inanimated head, body, and stick remain to help or hinder as the need fits. It’s where the could begin depending on where and how things were in the battle itself.

NSwitchDS WanbaWarriors

Within the Wanba, I did see some murkier shades than the horizon the fighters stand in. There are no other modes of play outside of Versus, Arcade, Single and a variant that allows one to ban certain characters from versus play. The difficulty level cannot be adjusted at all even though the game itself is a challenge. The Master option barely shows signs of any additional content to explain what that is in How to Play, which is baffling.

NSwitchDS WanbaWarriors


Final Words:

Wanba Warriors is a unique idea moulded together with a surprising twist. It’s by no means a Tsui Hawk/Jet Li epical martial arts wartime classic, but there is a bit of inspiration from that line. While its fury of sticks is unique to any fighter seen or heard, its complexity could be contained in the presentation it serves. It is a challenge nonetheless and quite hilarious to some degree belt. Don’t expect a Soul Calibur out of this, but if you keep your distance from its’ flaws, Wanba Warriors will surely win you a few quant points for a decent homage.


star 6

TBG Score: 6/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 26/03/2020
No. of Players: 1-2
Category: Fighting, Action
Publisher: Zodiac Interactive
Website: www.zodiacinteractive.com
Twitter: @ZdcInteractive
Download link: eShop

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