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Theme Park Simulator – Nintendo Switch Review

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Theme Park Simulator

Theme Park Sim 
Release 17/04/2020
Switch version tested
Review code providednintendospacer

After an initial outing on mobile and a hugely overhauled port to Steam, Theme Park Simulator is now available on Nintendo Switch. Now right off the bat, everyone will likely read the title and focus on two keywords, “Theme Park” as a wave of fond nostalgia drips over them while they pull a face like WWE’s Goldust in eager excitement for what might await. To be honest, that’s pretty much what I did minus a gold wig, but I soon began to scratch my head as the game I played was exactly what was suggested, just not what I expected.

Given that simulators have become one of the most varied and popular genres going from strength to strength throughout the current-gen, the prospect of Theme Park Simulator sparks all kinds of ideas. Take ownership of or build a theme park from scratch, manage finances and staff wages while promoting your product, acquiring and unveiling new rides, making the chips and popcorn so salty that your visitors throw up on the overclocked rollercoaster… no? That’s just me then.

theme park simulator switch screenshot

Unfortunately, the experience on hand isn’t quite to that level, so let’s break down what Theme Park Simulator does have to offer. “A one hundred per cent pure simulator experience featuring simulation experiences which include”


  • Bumper Cars
  • Inverter
  • La Olla Tagada
  • Wild Mouse Roller Coaster
  • Techno Jump
  • Twister
  • Kamakaze
  • Tokaido Rollercoaster
  • Viking Ship
  • Love Express


Each ride is replicated with good detail and vibrant colours. The core experience of the gameplay is engaging with the rides by adjusting the lighting and effects that are used while they are in motion and also adjusting the rhythm, speed and where applicable, the rotation styles. You can view the rides from several camera angles and even from first-person and take a customer view of the experience which mildly adds to the experience but does not detract from the fact that there really isn’t a lot on offer here.

theme park simulator switch screenshot

Once you have worked your way around each ride and dabbled with the controls the experience is over which was a shame as the level of interaction with each ride was really good and felt like a smaller part of what should have been a bigger experience. The overall performance of Theme Park Simulator was fine once I got going but strangely it only worked in handheld mode with the touch screen. Now granted the origins of the title are from mobile and there is no doubt this was the best way to play but it seemed odd that the core controls were either not included or just didn’t work for the review version.


Final Words:

Theme Park Simulator doesn’t offer much but what is on offer is done pretty well albeit with limited control options, at least in this version. As a simulator experience, it missed the mark for me and felt like it should have been a VR experience more than anything else. Any experience could rarely be made more entertaining by including a song by Simply Red but I feel this title just needs something more to really be worth your time.


star 4 5

TBG Score: 4.5/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo Switch, PC, Mobile
Release Date: 17/04/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Simulator, Arcade
Developer: Best Ride Simulators
Publisher: BadLand Publishing
Website: www.badlandpublishing.com
Twitter: @BadLand_Publish
Download link: eShopnintendospacer

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