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Rack N Ruin
Release 13/03/2020
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

Rack is a demonic wizard that is hell-bent on destroying an entire planet. This guy is one sick and twisted puppy but also has a side of comic relief kind of like Chucky from the horror movie series. It is fairly uncommon that a game lets the player take control of a bad guy that has the objective of damning the world and all of its inhabitants. So I tip my perm to the developers LifeSpark Entertainment for a creative and ballsy indie title right off the bat.


The gameplay once again offers something off the beaten path just like the plot. From a top-down point of view RNR plays as an action-adventure similar to Link To The Past but thanks to certain enemy’s attack there is a bullet hell aspect too. Honestly, I cannot say any other game it is really like in regards to how it plays and, at first, it was a bit off-putting. I was not a fan of the game in my first session. However, something changed after and I really got into how wacky and unique the game is.

Rack starts off with a fireball spell to shoot at enemies and can equip a sub-weapon such as bombs or shooting eyeballs. The aiming for the fireball is not really implemented too well and should have been used as a twin-stick shooter function. Really the control of this main attack was my biggest problem with RNR, but thankfully other weapons are obtained like a sword and different spells.


The fights are pretty difficult and Rack loses health quickly. Mix that with the fact that save points are few and far between results in the game being a lot more difficult than most games from this generation. Increasing the frequency of save points would make the experience much more pleasant over having to replay entire dungeon floors after dying once.

Outside of those two areas of the gameplay that I found unfavourable, there were no other issues here and the visual and audio are great. While playing the world it reminded me of a mix between Link To The Past and ToeJam & Earl. An odd mix granted, but I enjoyed it. There was just something zany about all the characters and conversations. Considering how the action could be ruthless it was excellent to be paired with such an odd environment. In addition, the background music was far better than expected and very entertaining. Rack has a truly evil cackle to highlight the sound effects.

Rack N Ruin Nintendo Switch Trailer


Final Words:

Overall, Rack N Ruin prevails despite a few gameplay downfalls to provide something that’s one of a kind. I would recommend this title to put on your Nintendo eShop wishlist to keep an eye out for when it goes on sale. Not many games are able to dig themselves out of a hole like this one did and I applaud LifeSpark Entertainment for what they have created!



Score: 7

nintendospacerPlatform: Steam, PlayStation, Nintendo
Release Date: 13/03/2020
File Size: 2 GB
No. of Players: 1
Category: RPG, Action, Arcade
Developer: LifeSpark Entertainment
Publisher: Secret Item Games
Website: www.secret-item-games.com
Twitter: @racknruingame
Download link: eShop


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