Introducing Theme Park Simulator: Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch

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Welcome back to Introducing: The article where TBG keep you updated on some of the new and exciting titles on the horizon. After surprising amusement park fans with its level of realism and possibilities with its Smartphone version, Theme Park Simulator will be available on Nintendo Switch, exclusively in digital format, let’s see what we can expect!

[TRAILER] Theme Park Simulator Nintendo Switch


What is Theme Park Simulator?

Enjoy each of the eleven available rides in third or first person and manage its performance in real-time: capacity, speed, direction, movement patterns, smoke and light effects… and watch the reaction of the visitors!


Control the most iconic amusement park rides, including the Ferris wheel, bumper cars and two roller coasters. Use Nintendo Switch touch screen to calibrate the speed and direction of the rides and test your customers’ endurance. Plus, each attraction offers a choice of different cameras – you can even experience them through the eyes of the passengers.

Theme Park Simulator allows you to control, with unprecedented realism, 11 different rides: Ferris Wheel, Bumper Cars, Inverter, Tagada, Amor Express, Wild Mouse, Twister, Tokaido, Viking Ship, Techno Jump and Kamikaze. All of them recreated on the Nintendo Switch with great attention to detail.


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Main Features:

Control 11 legendary rides using Nintendo Switch Touch Screen.

  • Manage speed, direction and motion patterns of each ride through a simple, realistic control system.
  • At any time you can choose between a free camera or different pre-set views, including cameras that reflect the passengers’ point of view.
  • Drive a bumper car via touch screen!
  • Activate light and smoke effects to surprise the passengers and change the decoration of the rides!
  • The audience will react in real-time to your decisions: you’ll hear their screams as you increase speed and change the motion pattern of each ride.

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When can we play?

Theme Park Simulator will be available for Nintendo Switch exclusively in digital format on April 17th.

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