Introducing Save Your Nuts: Demo Available Now

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Welcome back to Introducing: The article where TBG keep you updated on some of the new and exciting titles on the horizon. Today squirrels, dogs and everyone in between can try to save their nuts with a demo for the upcoming couch and online brawler, Save Your Nuts, let’s take a look.


What is Save Your Nuts?

In Save Your Nuts, crafty squirrels organize a tournament to challenge other animals in a physics-based competition for the ages. Make daring plays alongside your teammates, grab food power-ups, and tackle your opponents to steal their nuts in this wild multiplayer-focused party game!

The full release of Save Your Nuts will see up to eight players compete locally, online or against challenging AI opponents across three modes and 10 different arenas ranging from soccer fields, basketball courts, waterfalls and ice lakes to castles, train stations, ships and outer space.


Apart from Capture the Nuts, the game will include Thieves, a war to steal multiple enemy’s nuts while protecting your own team’s, and Battle, a fight to determine who will be the last animal to keep their nuts intact. Maps will be filled with hazards and power-ups that can change the tide of battle faster than fans can crack open a nut.


Tell us more!

Don’t let Save Your Nuts’ cute cast fool you: the game will be accessible and easy to enjoy, but hard to master. Challenging AI and shifting environments will ensure that no real-life get-together is ever boring. Fans will even be able to take the party online via Steam’s Remote Play Together feature, which will allow up to seven friends who don’t own the game to join the fun from their own abode. That’s right: everyone you know could become a fellow nut-buster simply by selecting the Remote Play Together option on your friend list.


Solo players won’t be left out, as each of Save Your Nuts’ three unique modes will be endlessly replayable. That’s not to mention that there’ll be a ton of outfits to dress up your squirrels, dogs, racoons, beavers and more.

Who are Triple Scale Games?

Founded in 2017 in Montreal, Quebec by Frédéric Bohn, Triple Scale Games finds inspiration in the power of games – including their ability to evoke intense emotions and create social connections across languages and geographical barriers. The studio’s mission is to celebrate shared stories centred on fun multiplayer experiences with titles that are easy to pick up and play but hard to master.



When can we play?

Save Your Nuts will be available April 16 on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam for $14.99 USD/£11.99 GBP. Pre-order now and check out the game’s free demo on each platform.

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