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Element Space – PlayStation 4 Review

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element space

Element Space
Release 24/03/2020
PS4 version tested
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Stopping the threat of Galactic peace from a deadly force seems apparent in a lot of RPGs that deal with the stars beyond. Is Element Space a mere echo of things tried in galaxies far and very away? Winning several indie awards, going about praise, does Element Space become the best RPG of the galaxy today? Let’s find out.

element space

Captain Pietham is the hero and justice person of the bunch, decided to solidify the role of a peaceful mediator. When a terrorist organisation halts a treaty to do just that, the team are framed for their involvement. Leaving Pietham and a motley crew, built throughout the galactic journey, to bring down the said group.

Element Space attempts the choice system tact where choices can be made to affect the game. Humanism, Independence, Autocracy, and Bureaucracy – to be specific for stance. These affect character interaction. Seldomly, it felt as if the weight of these choices were not apparent. Factions will either like or dislike opinions made based on these.

element space

There seems to be a lot of moving to next battle point, cutscenes, and then, upgrading within the game on a pretty linear end. Each battle is done with a 3 man squad against several enemies on a turn-based fashion. Characters can move towards the enemies without grids or hexagons to hold them back. Cover firing does make sense here, and one interesting mechanic – the melee combat – was refreshing. Both units will be gridlocked and they’d go hand to hand. If one breaks out, they will be attacked immediately. I’ve never seen this before in any tactical squad RPG.

Element Space does have several clustering woes. Speech is nowhere at the level it should be to carry the story forward as any tactical strategy RPG could. We’ve seen it in countless others where these parts go hand in hand, but in Element Space, the gameplay seems to outweigh this.

element space

There were some overpowered items on both ends, including far-reaching mines that can cover literally the whole field. The character models are lifeless while the conversations happen. They blink and move, but that’s probably it. Running into bugs was another thing that worries the purchase of this game. There were points of where one would have to reset or redo points because of the game’s breaking features. There were slowdowns, even on the PS4. Nearly made the game impossible to defeat without even touching it.

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Final Words:

Element Space isn’t the Mass Effect clone people have warned you about. While it does feel as if it takes a few beats from the series, Space does its own thing with its execution. It’s clearly a title best matched on the level a bit lower than X-COM. Element Space probably needs a bit more polish to iron out some of the lingering spots before ascends to the heavens of turn-based strategy. Perhaps another patch will elevate this.



TBG Score: 5/10

psspacerPlatform: Steam, PlayStation
Release Date: 24/03/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Action, Strategy
Developer: Sixth Vowel
Publisher: Blowfish Studios
Website: www.element-space.com
Twitter: @element_space
Download link: PSN

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