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Super Tennis – Nintendo Switch Review

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Super Tennis
Release 27/01/2020
Switch version tested
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Usually, I’m one to shy away from things I can possibly do in real life. I ignore NBA, NFL, and other games because of that said fact. PES I can get behind, but sparingly. Super Tennis doesn’t necessarily feel like a “usual” game, though. In absence of Serena, Venus, Nadal, Osaka, and the dash of slight realism in the rules. All under the guise of a SNES title’s name. Was this done to garner a certain clout?  The game is not the same, but at the same point: probably this is a good thing.


Super Tennis is governed by HP bars per opponent and one-shot deaths on you. Button combinations replace the movements of the court in more of a rhythmic concert than a battle of the turf. The opponents can be defeated with button combinations. Enemies are usually in the one vs. one fashion. Rain, sleet, fog seem to accompany the difficulty level as the scenery changes. This move is probably only to heighten the feel of there being an immediate danger or variety. That difficulty lies in the sets of buttons. 3-4 buttons in. Miss one and you’re done.


Super Tennis does the pixel folks proud. The animation is quite well done. Smooth, smart, and a bit more than its need. Crowds sound like crowds. And, the announcer’s voice is quite clear. Characters look like their needs allow. From ninjas, to aliens, and normal folk. After wins, money can be collected to buy more cosmetic items. There’s quite the stock to choose from and many more can be unlocked. The indie charm is definitely in Super Tennis.


Super Tennis takes one critical flaw before it gets love. Repetition. It’s more a Tetris than it is a Virtua Tennis. There isn’t much tact to it. Characters move on their own based on your input with no real direction moves. It’s more forced than anything. It’s a puzzle fight to the finish mostly. There doesn’t seem to be many modes to the game, either. A few quick runs and the game has been made. The announcer himself feels a bit more of a drone than a reactive member of the audience. His words are quite random at best, which is probably meant to distract more than a compliment.



Final Words:

Super Tennis does a bold thing with its approach to the tennis genre. While it is more than yet another 16-bit indie shot at the pitch, Super Tennis handles a lot of differences from other tennis games. While graphically, it’s not the prettiest, but the challenge factor is there. Super Tennis is more akin to becoming the Mavis Beacon Typing of the Nintendo Switch pad familiarity.



TBG Score: 6/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 27/01/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Sports, Arcade
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Twitter: @ultgames
Download link: eShop

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