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Introducing Red Death: Available Today!

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Welcome back to Introducing: The article where TBG keep you updated on some of the new and exciting titles on the horizon. Independent developer and publisher, Eastasiasoft Limited announced that the 2D vertical bullet hell shoot’em up Red Death is available now for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4, let’s take a look!



What is Red Death?

Red Death is a prologue to the Project Starship series. Presented in a nostalgic 4-tone style, blast through waves of arcane enemies and take down monstrous bosses as you defend the earth against an unknown calamity. As a prologue to Project Starship, vertical bullet hell shoot’em up Red Death sets a collision course against a full-scale invasion bent on eradicating humanity, presented in nostalgic 4-tone style!

Key Features

  • Survive waves of intense bullet-hell action!
  • Enjoy an intriguing Story Mode across a number of scripted levels.
  • Test your limits with endless randomized challenges in Arcade Mode.
  • Compete for the highest score in old-school arcade-style.
  • Upgrade weapons with numerous power pickups.
  • Charge and unleash vicious Overload attacks to turn the tide of battle!


Who are Eastasiasoft?

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