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WWE Legend Returns at Super Showdown [SPOILERS]

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Multi-time WWE World Champion and absolute legend The Undertaker made a not so surprise appearance at the Super Showdown PPV this evening, and got into it with one of the modern era’s most phenomenal athletes.

It was far from shocking to see the future Hall of Famer appear at the Saudi Arabia show, as he has been a long-standing feature of the events in the past. But that didn’t take anything away from seeing him appear in a ring opposite OC leader AJ Styles, albeit for about 30 seconds.

Styles was about to be declared the victor in the Tuwaiq Trophy gauntlet match when a familiar gong filled the arena. Admittedly, Undertaker’s traditional and iconic entrance lasted way longer than the in-ring confrontation, but even that couldn’t lessen the impact of seeing Styles defeated without ‘Taker even having to take off his trench coat or hat!


Hopefully this isn’t a one and done moment for the two fan favourites, and with any luck Styles will be looking for redemption as we head into WrestleMania season – and what better place to start than tomorrow night on SmackDown?

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