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A Celebration of Alan Rickman – 8 Great Performances

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Alan Rickman, Born February 21st 1946, is one of the most celebrated English actors of his time. With an illustrious career that began in the theatre, training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art he soon moved up to the Royal Shakespeare Company before making his debut on television and cinema.


Rickman became an instant hit with audiences for his captivating performances, often in villainous roles, but it wasn’t too long before his dry humour lead him to more comedic roles. Though he sadly passed away in January 2016 his legacy and performances live on. TBG has chosen eight of Rickman’s greatest and most memorable performances in celebration of this legendary actors life and career.


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – The Sheriff of Nottingham


Possibly the most scene-stealing role of Rickman’s career comes from his evil yet charismatic performance as The Sheriff of Nottingham. Ruthlessly dedicated to bringing England under his thumb with inflated taxes, hearts on spoons and calling off Christmas, Rickman’s sheriff goes to war with Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood culminating in a classic one on one sword fight with possibly the most exaggerated death in cinema history.


The Harry Potter Saga – Severus Snape


It’s safe to say that Harry Potter is a franchise that took the world by storm, featuring many memorable performances, none of which were from the three main cast members. Alan Rickman was a show-stealer for his incredible performance as Severus Snape, the once agent of evil turned good guy gave Harry a hard time but broke everyone’s hearts with his heroic sacrifice.


Die Hard – Hans Gruber


The charming and suave villain from 1988’s Die Hard was Rickman’s first silver screen outing which proved an instant hit with viewers. Charming, sophisticated, well dressed and full of great quotes and one-liners, eighties villains don’t get much better than Hans Gruber.


Dogma – The Metatron


Much can be said about Dogma, this comedy classic from Kevin Smith features an all-star cast with Alan Rickman taking the role of The Metatron (The voice of God) while delivering the word of the almighty to the unsuspecting “heroes” of the piece, Rickman once again entertains with his dry and cynical tones.


Galaxy Quest – Alexander Dane


Speaking of dry and cynical, Alexander Dane embodies both these traits and more making Rickman the perfect choice to play this ex-TV show favourite alongside Sigourney Weaver and Tim Allen. With more than enough references and parodies of Star Trek, these sci-fi stars become caught up in a real battle between alien races who believe them to really be their characters from the hit show, Galaxy Quest.


Sweeney Todd – Judge Turpin


Tim Burton’s dark musical retelling of Sweeney Todd featured a strong cast that was perfectly complemented by Alan Rickman donning questionable trousers in his villainous role as Judge Turpin. His time as a stage performer made him the perfect choice to stand opposite Johnny Depp for this stylish and excentric tale of pies and revenge.


Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Marvin (Voice)


The adaptation of the Douglas Adams classic cast Rickman as the voice of a depressed robot called Marvin. As an unlikely group of memorable characters search the galaxy for answers to earth’s untimely demise, Marvin, a robot with a brain the size of a planet that he never gets to use plod’s around in the background entertaining with his dry comments on the group’s activities.


Love Actually – Harry


Of all the villains Rickman has played, are any as evil as the successful family man who succumbs to temptation during the holiday season and has an affair with his assistant? Possibly not, but in a movie full of great performances and intertwining stories, Rickman once again manages to be lovable and loathed all at the same time.


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