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ThunderCats Roar Available to Stream Now!

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Cartoon Network has unveiled the first two-part episode of its new ThunderCats Roar cartoon, and you can stream it right away thanks to the channels brilliant free app.

The much more cartoonish design of the show brought out all the trolls when the show was originally announced almost about 18 months ago, with many comparing it to the Netflix She-ra reboot (which is excellent by the way) despite most of them never watching an episode – presumably because mummy and daddy wouldn’t pay for their Netflix subscription.

Reviews for ThunderCats Roar have all been positive thus far, so why not jump on the bandwagon early and check it out straight away?

You can see the original Cartoon Network post below:

No official word yet on when the show will air, but we’ll bring you a full review once it drops.

What do you think of the new ThunderCats design? Will you be watching the reboot? Give us your opinions in our comments.

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