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One Piece: Netflix Orders Live-Action Based on Classic Manga/Anime Series

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If you’re a fan of One Piece, the classic Eiichiro Oda Manga series and  Toei Animation (and let’s face it who isn’t?) then you’ll be ecstatic at the news that Netflix has ordered a full 10-episode season of a live-action adaptation, and it’s coming soon.

Netflix will team with Tomorrow Studios will handle the production, with former X-Files writer Steven Maeda acting as showrunner. It’s believed the casting choices have also been made, but have yet to be revealed.

One Piece is the tale of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew as they explore the vast oceans in search of the ultimate pirate treasure known simply as the “One Piece”. Legend has it that whosoever finds the treasure will become the next Pirate King, so it’s far from easy sailing for Luffy and co.

You can check out the press release from creator Oda below:


One Piece (2020)


We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one, and will have more details when they drop.

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