Netcode Fix or Fritz?: Street Fighter Five’s Folly

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A Redditor named Altimor took to patching the PC version Capcom’s fighting game Street Fighter V’s netcode himself a week ago on January 8th, 2020. Street Fighter V of course released on February 16, 2016 has long been plagued with an awful online gaming experience even warranting a public apology from the game’s lead Yoshinori Ono on twitter in the game’s earlier weeks of release. This third-party patch coming four years later provided a much smoother online match early on in its acceptance within the FGC SFV Twitter community as well as the professional competitive community leading Red Bull pro gamer Darryl ‘Snake Eyez’ Lewis to remark “I feel like I’m getting redemption for 5 years of 1 sided rollback on my side’’ in a twitch chat.


I was keen to hearing about this patch as soon as it was released a week ago. I found a video on how to install the patch safely provided by @Arlieth on twitter, followed that and booted up SFV to play. I can say from my own personal experience, I was enjoying a very smooth experience setting my network battle settings to search for PC only. This was only for the first couple of days. Since the patch I have probably played every day since varying from 1-2 hours each session between classes. Each day I noticed a decline in the quality of online play significantly. None other than the variance of getting matched up with someone without the third-party patch causing an inconsistency being to blame, Capcom has done two things from what I have seen. Yoshinori Ono tweeted that he has “.. Grasped the situation” also the official @StreetFighter Twitter tweeted the hiring of Dan Louie, The new ‘Social Media & Community specialist’ for Street Fighter two days later in response.


Street Fighter V has since updated once since the third-party patch has become available in its week lifespan. This type of interference could not have come at a worse time, as Street Fighter V is slated to be featured at the 2020 Olympics relying on an online qualifier. I am confident this was a step in the right direction as it brings up the argument, “What’s really going on with Capcom’s plans for Street Fighter V?”. Secrecy and presentation are key in the creative design of SFV one of the world’s most respected fighting games. Every SF fan has their favourite characters not in the game currently they would love to see added to the game by their opinion. Street Fighter fans might remember the E. Honda reveal trailer planned for showcase at the grand finals of EVO 2019 as the sumo wrestler’s long-awaited completion of SFII’s original world warrior roster in SFV as a surprise was otherwise thwarted by a leak or just an overall oversight in scheduling on Capcom’s part. Just a really tough time to be a Street Fighter fan.

Many questions arise from this series of events, many come to mind as a dedicated player of Street Fighter V from day one.


”Does Capcom have a plan to respond to the third party patch?”

“Will Capcom announce their response to the third-party patch?”

“How connected with the community are the developers of SF who actually make changes to the quality of life in the game itself?”

“ How much longer will we be playing Street Fighter V?”

“How much longer should I wait for a better online gaming experience?”


I believe Capcom should reply swiftly and boldly addressing any modification to online play and the upcoming Olympic qualifier. As a dedicated SFV fan myself I have confidence in Yoshinori Ono, his communication with the fans and the dedication he has for the game. I often see many different perspectives and opinions online on the game and I like to feel I have a bit of a more lenient threshold for how playable the game is, but I am writing this article to state that the game is unplayable in its current state. Alongside physically, psychologically the game isn’t in a consistent state. There is too much of an advantage in the variance a player playing from a PC with a netcode patch has over a player on a PS4 unable to modify his game files. I’ve experienced more matches today after the new update and not reapplying the netcode patch as if I was playing in slow motion. Is the patch to blame? Is it a placebo effect? Regardless of anyone’s opinion, Capcom has a mess to deal with as far as showing their concern for the quality of online gameplay amongst their player base. The daily online SFV player might have been made to feel neglected possibly with an onslaught of Chun Li costumes. (Really, why does she need that many costumes?) As much as a hardcore fan of the series, I can’t but help to be left feeling as though as far as the game has come, the developers responsible should be held accountable for their perception of reality and opinion. I can’t help but feel as though Ono might see the complaints and feels it’s not a concern? One can only imagine.

In conclusion, I hope Capcom realizes they need to create a roadmap with their SFV fans and address the issues at hand in seeking to repair what now virally has spread throughout the SFV online gaming community.


-JA @ChiefMegatron

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