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Do you love video games? Do you have extensive knowledge of movies? Do you watch lots of television? Whatever your speciality might be, you could be just what we’re looking for to join our team!

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Since 2018, Two Beard Gaming has expanded its range from solely reviewing video games to covering the whole spectrum of geek culture – that’s movies, TV, comics, wrestling, and technology – and if you think you’ve got something to contribute then we want to hear from you.

Never written anything before? Don’t worry about it. We’re looking for people with passion, so why not try your hand by writing a quick review and sending it over to us for a look. If we like what we see then you’ll be given the chance to contribute to our page. Keep contributing and you might just become our newest team member!

At this stage, we cannot pay you for your work, but we will give you video game codes that you can keep, totally free. We’ll also be offering TV and movie previews for the first time later this year if that’s more your kind of thing.

So why not get in touch using the details below, and begin your bearded* adventure today? You can easily contact us via our Twitter or Facebook, or by emailing Benn. 

*beard not essential




Narrative designer and writer for the video game OBLAST! Creator of the comic series Jurassic Mark. Master of Quack Fu. Holding onto an IBM 5100 for some guy named John Titor. I've also been an online content creator for the best part of 2 decades, and still don't know how to use a semicolon.

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