Introducing Sisters Royale – Five Sisters Under Fire!: Coming Soon

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Lord Shmup reporting for duty, and I’m here to spread the word about a vertical shmup called Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire! This game will be released on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on January 30th, 2020 for $13.99/£11.69. That’s very soon, so put this one on your wish list or pre-purchase today! 

This title supports Tate mode which is a massive plus for fans of the genre. It was previously released on the Japanese eShop but now Sisters Royale is making its English supported debut. I’m very much looking forward to reviewing this title and you will hear more from me once that’s complete.



A Word from the Publisher

Sisters Royale is a vertical scrolling shoot ‘em up. The first new game in 12 years from Alfa System, the team that brought you “Castle of Shikigami III” in the “Castle of Shikigami” series.

Five uniquely talented sisters are squabbling over which of them will marry the angel Yashin. Enjoy the heroic(?) strategies of all five!

The Tension Bonus System (TBS) means your score and number of coins multiplies based on your distance from enemies and their attacks, and the Powershot System changes normal attacks into strong attacks, further ramping up the tension!

Plus, once the TBS has multiplied by two within a certain time, Secret Fairies will be hidden somewhere in stages for you to find.

Master these systems and set new high scores!

Online ranking system


Category Action, Arcade
Publisher Chorus Worldwide Games
Developer AlfaSystem
Nintendo eShop: US / UK
PlayStation Store: Coming Soon!

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