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Farabel – Nintendo Switch Review

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Release 20/12/2019
Switch version tested
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Farabel by Frogames introduces us to the fantasy kingdom of Farabel! Since time immemorial The King and High Priestess have been able to alter the passage of time with powers that have been passed down for generations. The king, also known as Cendor, has the ability to manipulate the previous few moments while the Priestess is able to control hours, days and the seasons. This magic has kept the kingdom safe for centuries, however, when you begin the game you will find yourself and your kingdom at the end of a brutal war. That’s right! This game starts at the end and you will be working your way back through all of the battles that have brought the kingdom to its current position. This turn-based strategy is strikingly similar to many others but this twist is just the beginning of the challenges that await.


The game offers a tutorial, which I recommend as it is helpful to understand how the game is played. It provides an overview of how to move Cendor, as well as, The High Priestess, your Knights and Bowmen. What the tutorial does not clarify well is how to use each of the different abilities the characters possess. You’ll have to play the game to get the hang of how to strategically use your abilities to complete your campaign missions to expectation.


What does it mean to start at the end of a game you may be asking? This means the war in Farabel has already begun and your kingdom is looking to you and your army, who are fully powered up at this point, to use your powers to re-establish yourself as the rightful Ruler. The first level or fight places you 20 days after the war has already begun and get this, starting at the end of the game also means you are working backwards in time! I noticed after I beat the first level that I actually lost development points. Initially I thought I lost development points because I didn’t beat the level in the most efficient way possible, but that was not the case. In Farabel your character is going to lose a development point after each successful completion of a mission. This particular part of the game makes it quite a bit more challenging and worthwhile in my opinion. Not only will you have to be strategic about how you are playing the levels of this game, but you are also going to have to have a strategy for how you are going to level down your own character. This is a creative new twist on a game like this and I think it adds to the playability as the game only continues to become more challenging.


The game will total the number of turns it takes you to complete a battle along with how many units (soldiers) you lose. After playing and not reaching the specified goal I decided to give level one another shot, because I can’t seem to handle not winning perfectly. After playing the level a few times, I started to get the hang of the characters and found there are a plethora of different ways to play each level and use your abilities. Cendor, for example, is able to turn back time, which resets a teammate or enemies turn, giving you the chance to move and attack with the character twice in one turn. In addition to this, more powers can be unlocked the further you go through the game.



Final Words:

Overall, I would say I enjoyed this game. Anyone who is a fan of turn-based strategy games or RPG’s will definitely enjoy this. I played Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle quite and Farabel is sort of reminiscent of that, which I like. The levels are difficult, and the replayability of those levels is high. After I played Farabel for a while and set it down, I kept finding myself thinking about it and wondering why I couldn’t seem to win without losing units and asking myself how I could have strategised better. It may not be the most visually appealing game and it may not be the greatest one either, but it is definitely worth a shot. The price varies depending on what platform you play it on but with the price being below ten pounds/euros, I say it’s worth it. Even for anyone looking to get a casual game that is guaranteed to take some time and thinking to beat. Additionally, I think we will start seeing more turn-based strategy games following Farabel’s lead with the backwards moving twist it offers.



TBG Score: 6/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Steam, Mobile, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 20/12/2019
No. of Players: 1
Category: Adventure, RPG, Strategy
Developer: Frogames
Publisher: Drageus Games
Website: www.farabel.com
Twitter: @FrogamesFarabel
Download link: eShop

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