Qubic Games Offering FREE Nintendo Switch Games this Christmas

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Christmas has come early this year, thanks to those lovely people over at Qubic Games. According to the team, they are giving away 10 free games to every Nintendo Switch user,  and you can get your first free game today.

The deal will run from today (10th) up until the 24th December and are part of what Qubic is calling a ‘chain reaction’ system. The only catch is you must currently own at least one Qubic Games title to unlock the offer. But don’t despair if you don’t – their Colouring Book title is currently on the Nintendo Store as a free download, so jump online download that and you’re off to the races.

Qubic has also advised that to benefit from the deal you must download all the available titles every day. If you miss a date then you won’t get the next game. Sounds simple enough, right? And after the 10th game is downloaded you can always delete what you no longer want.

The full list of games available and release dates are as follows:

  • 10th-15th December – Robonauts
  • 16th December – Geki Yaba Runner
  • 17th December – Puzzle Book
  • 18th December – One Strike
  • 19th December – Wreckin’ Ball Adventure
  • 20th December – Koloro
  • 21st December – #RaceDieRun
  • 22nd December – REKT
  • 23rd December – Mana Spark
  • 24th December – Mystery Game – TBC/TBA



Not a bad little list for free! SO be sure to jump on the Nintendo Store straight away, and download your first free game. Don’t miss out – after all, who knows what the mystery game might be!

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