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Long-Lost AKIRA Videogame Footage Emerges At Last

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An Akira video game has long been spoken of, but ask anyone if they’ve ever actually seen it and you’ll be met with uncomfortable silences or mumbles about “I knew this guy, once”. But despite being one of histories greatest hidden gems, the official Akira video game adaptation has been found at last, and someone uploaded themselves playing the entire thing.

Talk of a video game adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo’s Manga hit an all-time high during the original console war era, but sadly nothing materialized. Black Pearl, who had been given the go-ahead to turn the popular cyberpunk saga into a bonified money-spinner originally promised ports to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, and Sega/Mega CD before financial hardships caused them to drop the title altogether. Since then we’ve had the occasional screengrab or trade show teases, but we never thought the full game would ever poke its head above water again.

Thanks to those AMAZING people over at Hidden Place though, we can now watch the game in its entirety, and we’re hopeful that a downloadable ROM of the game will be available in the not so distant future so we can play it for ourselves. The fate of Neo-Tokyo might just depend on us having the chance to ride on Kaneda’s motorcycle.

Check out the wicked-looking game below:

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