The Ultimate Shenmue Quiz

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Don’t pinch yourself, it’s real. Shenmue 3 has finally been released and you can play it right now! But before you do that, why not test your brain-power against our Ultimate Shenmue Quiz, a quiz even more devilish than that no-good Lan Di.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get a lucky hit? Let us know your scores in the comments, or on social media.



Shenmue is based on a concept by which Japanese game designer?

Yu Suzuki Sega Shenmue 1
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Yu Suzuki also worked on other classic titles such as Virtua Fighter, Space Harrier, and Out Run.

Yu Suzuki envisioned Shenmue as an RPG follow up to which popular beat-em-up?

Ryo Hazuki Shenmue 2
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The original idea for Shenmue was for a story based on Virtua Fighter character Akira Yuki.

Shenmue was originally developed for which video games console?

Sega Office 600x300
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Development for Shenmue began on the Sega Saturn but eventually found its way on to the Dreamcast when Sega moved on from its 5th-generation console.

What was the working title for Shenmue during production?

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Erm ... we don't know why.

What is the full name of the lead character in Shenmue?

Shenmue Ryo Hazuki
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What is the name of the main villain in the Shenmue series?

Lan Di Shenmue
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Lan Di is the leader of the villainous Chi You Men Cartel. In 1986 Lan Di murdered Ryo's father in cold blood, which set Ryo on his quest for vengeance.

Shenmue 2 opens in what location?

Shenmue 2 BOAT
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Ryo arrives in Hong Kong by boat at the very beginning of Shenmue 2. A full sequence set on board the ship was cut from the final game

What is the name of Ryo's motorcycle riding ally in Shenmue 2?

Joy Shenmue 2
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Joy almost runs Ryo down with her motorcycle in the early stages of Shenmue 2 but ends up becoming an important ally.

Which of these video games has NOT featured Ryo Hazuki?

Ryo Hazuki SEGA
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Ryo's popularity has lead to him appearing in a number of other game franchises, including ESPN NFL, Football 2K4, and the Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing games.

Who provided the English voice over for Ryo Hazuki in the Shenmue franchise?

Ryo Hazuki Shenmue
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Corey Marshall and his Japanese counterpart Masaya Matsukaze will return in Shenmue 3.

What was the name of the short-lived Shenmue mobile game, released in 2010?

Shenmue City
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Shenmue City lasted from September 2010 until December 2011 and barely left its beta phase.

How much money was raised via the original Shenmue 3 Kickstarter?

Shenmue Kickstarter
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Yo Suzuki announced the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter during E3 in 2015. Crowdfunding originally raised a whopping $6,333,295 which later became $7,179,510 after a 'slacker backer' campaign for anyone still wanting to invest in the project was launched.

The Ultimate Shenmue Quiz
I sure hope you can drive a forklift better than you can answer questions!

Shenmue Quiz Reaction 2

Stick to playing Lucky Hit, kid!

Shenmue Quiz Reaction 1

You should go home, Ine-san will be worried about you

Shenmue Quiz Reaction 4

Get up, I'll allow you to die like a warrior.

Shenmue Quiz Reaction 3

I'm talking to the master here!

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