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ICYMI: Relive Halloween with TBG

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Halloween has been and gone, and what a festive period it has been for the team here at Two Beard Gaming. October 2019 has easily been one of our busiest months as the team has worked around the clock to bring you the very best spooky-themed content for the last 31 days.

Because it’s been so busy there’s a good chance you might have missed something great, so we decided we’d run a special ICYMI recap so that you get the very bests service and instant access to your favourite TBG team members. So, without any further ado, scroll down to relive the month that was.




Video games are our bread and butter here at Two Beard Gaming, so you won’t have to look far to find a review. This month we covered a wide variety of different titles and not all of them with a horror theme. In fact, the first game we reviewed in October was Barry Bradford’s Putt Panic Party, which @theflamey gave a solid 6.5/10. Zenith was next, reviewed by @thebreadroll, but sadly it “fell flat of its potential”, scoring a measly 5/10. Perhaps one of the most anticipated games for October (or any month) though was Tropico 6, which @illustratedjill was fortunate enough to score a review code for. Let’s just hope her time as El Presidenté doesn’t go to her head!

We were also lucky enough to get our hands on a Street Fighter 2 Arcade Cabinet by those awesome people over at Arcade1UP, which amazingly survived the assembly process with only minimal casualties on either side.

Other games covered included: Down to Hell on PC, the “thrilling, heart-pounding” and let’s be honest, fun to shout, OBAKEIDORO!Family Tree by eastasiasoft, and the aesthetically pleasing Scheming through the Zombie Apocalypse, which scored 7/10. 

A Knights QuestGunbird, Shakedown: HawaiiGlaive: Brick BakerESport ManagerLittle Town Hero, Northgard, Jim is Moving Out!Daemon X MachinaSuper Box Land DemakeGhost Blade HD, and Hunt: Showdown rounded out the month.

A huge thanks go out to the team for all their efforts – may your beards never grow thin!




We haven’t really covered much anime, but all that is about to change as we welcome back to TBG the wonderful @wrytersviewblue who will assume the role of resident anime-expert going forward. Our click-counter went crazy this month thanks to Blue’s incredible Anime Bucketlist which arrived in 3 parts. You can view the complete list here. Blue also contributed a recap of the 5 dishes she wishes she could recreate from the series Food Wars! which gave a whole new meaning to the word crunchyroll!




October was a great month for quizzes. On the 10th, Wolverine celebrated 45 years of publication, and Halloween’s favourite son; Michael Myers, also had his 41st anniversary as a big screen slasher. Perhaps most controversial of all though was the inclusion of a Nightmare Before Christmas quiz, splitting people down the middle as to whether or not it’s a Halloween or a Christmas movie. Either way, October 29th marked 26 years since its US premiere.




As much as we love to review video games, we also love to compile our own lists – because let’s face it, who doesn’t like arguing about a top 10 list? For the month of October, we tried to keep these as spook-centric as possible – here’s what we came up with.

On October 9th, Benn covered Ten of the Scariest Video Games Ever, which included a variety of bed wetters from the last few decades. This was followed up on the 26th when @thebreadroll took us to Hell and back with his Haunting Music in Games list. He would also explore a number of characters he wanted to see available in the next wave of Dead by Daylight DLC and brought Halloween to an end with the definitive list of games to play during the spooky season. We also explored the scarier side of the Super Mario games, which harbours some very creepy villains.




We’re not just a one-trick pony here at TBG, and we prove this day in and day out with our wide range of content. For the whole of October, we revisited much of our Halloween content from last year, but this year we stepped it up to a whole new level.

Whether you’re into the dark side of Disney, or the most horrifying moments in The Dark Crystal TV series there was something for everyone. We also covered the very best films to watch this October, as well as 9 Terrifying TV Shows that are more Treat than Trick. Perhaps our favourite though came in the form of an Alternative Look into Hollywood’s most Notorious Killers – which you should definitely check out straight away.

Two Beard Gaming also welcomed Lando_Horror into the fold with his guest piece covering 80 Essential Horror Movies of the 1980s.

We also covered some of the Great Sequences in Film, the Downton Abbey movie, and the arrival of AEW: Dynamite.

Of course, the best way to relive the exciting month of October is to jump on our website and scroll back through the pages and pages of content. You owe it to yourself, and with the weather so rubbish lately, what better way to spend your time indoors?

As always we want to thank our wonderful readers for their continued support, and our awesome team for their ideas and contributions. Let’s see what November brings.


What was your favourite read over October? Let us know in the comments, and let us know what you’d like to see more of too!


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