Little Town Hero – Nintendo Switch Review

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Little Town Hero
Release 16/10/2019
Switch version tested
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While Game Freak is widely known for its flagship Pokemon series, they have developed plenty of great games. Little Town Hero continues that tradition with a unique battle system unlike anything I’ve seen quite before in a video game.


You play the protagonist Axe (which you’re allowed to change his name if you’d like), a young boy living in a small, closed-off town who also happens to work in the coal mines. The only way out of the town is through the castle which is heavily guarded. It’s been this way since before Axe was born, so of course, he would be curious to find out what’s outside. Unfortunately for Axe, his attempts to even enter the castle are quickly thwarted, leading to a swift tongue lashing from his mother, Ember.


One day while working in the coal mines, Axe discovers an odd red gem. He realises that the gem grants him strength far beyond his own one day while training with Angard, a royal soldier who trains Axe in hope of him becoming a soldier himself and possibly seeing what lies beyond the small town. Soon afterwards, a monster attacks the town and Axe decides to take matters into his own hands.


The combat can seem a bit complicated, but the game makes sure that it’s never overwhelming. The best way I can think of to describe it is a simplified Yu-Gi-Oh. You have ideas (izzits) and attacks (dazzits). Each izzit costs energy to turn into a dazzit. As the battle goes on, you start each turn with more energy. Each dazzit has an attack and defense value and there are three different types of dazzits…

RED (OFFENSIVE) – These are straight offensive attacks and usually have a higher attack than defence. You can only use these once per turn. The attack number from this dazzit is subtracted from the defence value of the enemy’s dazzit. If the enemy’s dazzit’s defense falls to zero, the dazzit breaks. If you break all of the enemy’s dazzits, you achieve an all break and if you have at least one red dazzit left unused, you can attack directly to the enemy’s body.

YELLOW (OFFENSIVE) – These are more defensive attacks and usually have a higher defence than attacks. You can use these multiple times as long as there’s still remaining defence points. However, you cannot attack the enemy’s body directly with a yellow dazzit.

BLUE (EFFECT) – These can be used at any time during a battle and have different effects depends on the dazzit. Some deal direct damage to all enemy dazzits, some add to the attack or defence value of your dazzits, and so on. These are extremely useful when it comes to the strategic planning of your victory.


After each turn you move to a different area of the town in a board game-like fashion. You essentially roll a dice and it lands on a value of 1-4. Townspeople are on certain spaces on the board and if you land on them, they’ll support you in different ways (similar to the blue dazzits). There are also “gimmicks” that attack the enemy and/or their dazzits when you use a particular red dazzit on them. In addition, some spaces have townspeople that will give you an idea for an attack. This adds a new izzit to your headspace. You can also gain the ability to mix dazzits from certain townspeople, making them even stronger.

You level up through what the game calls “Eureka points.” You use these to fortify your dazzits in a multipath levelling system. Some dazzits will increase in attack or defence value, while some will gain additional effects or strengthen the effect.



Final Words:

For the price, Little Town Hero is an extremely deep game. The music is all composed by Toby Fox of Undertale fame, so you know the soundtrack is excellent. The battle system is deep and satisfying. The characters are charming and the story is very well-written. Overall, I’d say that at $24.99 (£22.49), I can wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone looking for something a little different and extremely unique.



TBG Score: 9/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 16/10/2019
No. of Players: 1
Category: RPG
Publisher: GAME FREAK inc.
Twitter: @GAMEFREAK_info
Download link: eShop


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