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Jim is Moving Out! – Nintendo Switch Review

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Jim is Moving Out!
Release 19/07/2019
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

Have you ever been playing Trials or any such physics-based, go from start to end goal in one piece type game and think, “Man, I wish they would class these games up and slow down the pace because I am no adrenaline junkie!” Well do I have great news for you because Jim is Moving Out! is right up your alley.



Tired of all the hustle and bustle of the city, Jim is ready to take his cardboard box of a house out of the concrete jungle and relocate the most remote location he can find.


The player takes control of a sentient shape named Jim that desperately seeks peace and tranquillity. He of course wants to take all his belongings and home all at once as well. So by using the left analogue stick you can move Jim to push the box from the inside, but be careful because you have a score meter that decreases anytime any of your furniture gets damaged from moving too carelessly. There are gaps to get across, levels to go up and down, bridges to make and even elevators to ride.


I found the prevention of damaging the furniture the most difficult and frustrating part of the game. Come on Jim your house is a cardboard box and you come off as so sophisticated. Can you bubble wrap your crap or find more boxes to make this journey easier!? The pace of the game is snail-like because of how careful you have to be of the house objects.


Slow and steady wins the race, but I am not so sure people want that in this game genre. The box gets stuck in tight spaces frequently and is far too fragile to make the tumbles the levels require. As you beat story-based levels you will unlock stages for the Laboratory and Death Match modes.


Visuals & Audio

The sights and sounds are the winners of JIMO. The scenery changes plenty from level to level and has a lovely colourful animated style. The soundtrack features some of the most famous works of art of classical music ever. I was surprised to hear these masterpieces here and really added a level of Artsy-Fartsiness.



Final Words:

Overall, the game is very simplistic and much easier to complete with a second player. One to move the box forward and the other to lift the box to break falls. I appreciated the twist on the genre but it was too dull and slow in the end.  It was nice to hear famous classical music used, but a wider variety from the start would have been a big improvement as well. Personally, I feel the price of $14.99 (£11.99) is insanely high. There are countless free games on the Internet, mobile or tablets with the exact same play style. Then just go on to YouTube or where ever you listen to music and blast some Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. The best I would recommend paying for Jim is Moving Out! is $4.99.



TBG Score: 5/10

nintendospacerPlatform: Steam, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 19/07/2019
No. of Players: 1-2
File Size: 863 MB
Category: Platformer, Arcade, Puzzle
Publisher: Cinemax
Website: www.cinemax.cz
Download link: eShop

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