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There’s always one in every family

I’ve always enjoyed games that are a bit… different. In fact, my friends have often poked fun at me for my odd taste in video games. Family Tree is a “pinball platformer” from Infinite State Games that can definitely be described as strange and unusual.



This game is bananas

One night, as Mr. And Mrs. Fruits are bidding their children a fond goodnight, the evil skull, Pedro swoops in and opens a portal, sucking up the little fruitlets, turning them into actual fruit, and scattering them among the trees of the forest. It’s up to the Fruits’ to rescue them.

Gameplay consists of bouncing Mr or Mrs Fruits up the tree to collect the fruits (and 4 coins) and reach the exit of the level. There are four years consisting of four seasons each, which consist of 8 stages each. Several obstacles and enemies stand in your way and if you take too long, Pedro will show up and disrupt your progress by knocking all of your fruits and coins back to the bottom of the stage. Collect all fruits and coins and finish before Pedro shows up and you get a perfect rating for the stage.

After each season, you play a bonus stage where you race Pedro to the next season. If he makes it before you or if you fall off the level, you have to restart the race and try again. These sections aren’t particularly difficult as long as you take your time and don’t try to skip over platforms.



Climbing high

As you progress through the story mode, you unlock other characters for use in the game’s endless mode. In endless mode, you simply climb as high as you can while avoiding rising water and aiming for as high a score as possible. After collecting so many fruits, a power-up will drop from the sky causing enemies to slow down, fruits to gravitate towards you, or granting you invulnerability.

The high point for me is the music. The music playing on the main menu is catchy enough, but as it continues, you hear an English fellow rap the events of the game and it makes the music just SO much more fantastic. The rest of the in-game music is very cheerful and charming and adds to the atmosphere of the game.


Family Tree Trailer (Nintendo Switch)


Final Words:

While maybe not a great game, Family Tree has its charms. If your looking for something a little more happy and relaxing, Family Tree is a good break from the norm. And for the content, $7.99 / £6.99 isn’t a bad price.



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nintendospacerPlatform: Nintendo
Release Date: 10/10/2019
No. of Players: 1-4
Category: Action, Arcade, Party, Puzzle
Publisher: eastasiasoft
Website: www.eastasiasoft.com
Twitter: @eastasiasoft
Download link: eShop


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