An Alternative look into Hollywood’s most Notorious Killers

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It’s an unwritten rule that we generally want the bad guy from our favourite movies to succeed. The likes of Jason, Freddy, Ghostface and Michael Myers (to name a few) have strangely become household names. Although settings, motives and characteristics tend to differ most share an unquestionable ability to kill while being near indestructible and that in part drives our passion for them.

Everyone has seen a top ten of Hollywood’s number one killers, right? So here are TBG we thought we’d mix it up and provide an alternative look at ten of the best (or worst if you like) out there.


Skynet (Terminator Franchise)


‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’ – a sentiment never truer than when we look at the work by Miles Dyson of military defence company Cyberdyne Systems.

Originally built as a global defence network in 1997 this A.I. soon became self-aware and felt somewhat threatened by its creators who attempted to pull the plug after realising the extent of its functionality. We say somewhat threatened, Skynet decided to wipe out all of humanity and created the Terminator as it’s knight in shining amour.


Thanos (Infinity Saga)


Thanos understands the importance of making an entrance to the main event, since its inception he has been teased in the MCU but it wasn’t until Avengers: Infinity War that we realised the full extent of this intentions. After finally gathering all 6 Infinity Stones and with a click of his fingers Thanos decides to wipe out half of all life across the universe as a means to bring balance once again.


Mother Nature (The Happening)


I do hope that Greta Thunberg hasn’t seen M. Night Shyamalan’s 2008 Sci-Fi mystery The Happening. Starring Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel in the midst of an unknown terror causing the infected to commit suicide in a series of increasingly bizarre events.

As the story unfolds, and in usual Shyamalan fashion, the twist comes as the true killer is revealed as Mother Nature, yep that’s correct. Finally fed up with the way humans are treating the planet it decides to release a set of toxins into the air through the network of plant life and distributed around the globe.


Darth Vader (Star Wars)


The dark side was not always strong with this one but the journey of Anikin Skywalker proves that we all have a breaking point. As Darth Vader he was unrelenting in his quest to crush the rebel alliance and that’s why he makes our list. Let’s not forget the young Padawans.


Death (Final Destination)


Think of the worst imaginable outcome and you have a good standing with Death from the Final Destination franchise. An invisible force that will stop at nothing to bump you off if you are lucky enough to make the list. Some managed to cheat the system and dodge a whole host of nasty incidents and traps in some of the most elaborate kill sequences on film but it was only temporary as death comes full circle.


The Great White (Jaws)


We’re gonna need a bigger boat! In 1975 Steven Spielberg had audiences hiding behind their bucket of popcorn at the sight of a giant man-eating great white shark in his adaptation of Jaws. Stalking the waters of Amity Island for scantily clad beachgoers this shark was just looking for a quick snack.

Ultimately the big guy is obliterated when Brody, played by Roy Scheider, rams a scuba tank into its mouth before taking aim with a rifle but that didn’t stop the sequels. Different sharks but the body count kept rocketing.


Scar (The Lion King)


If like Scar you just can’t wait to be King then simply kill your brother and nephew. The Lion King showed us a darker side to the house of mouse with a heartbreaking scene as Scar finally does the unthinkable by teaming up with the hyenas to take down Mufasa after using his son Simba as bait.

Thankfully Simba managed to escape ready for his big return in the final act but the damage to Pride Rock was already done. The once prosperous land was reduced to a barren and death-filled plane.


Betsy the Monkey (Outbreak)


This monkey was the star of the show in Wolfgang Petersen’s 1995 disaster movie Outbreak. Ok, we all remember the monkey as Marcel from Friends but it didn’t stop this little white-headed capuchin taking out most of downtown by spreading the Motaba virus.


Mr Glass (Glass)


We all know the backstory of Mr Glass but his true horror was only revealed in the long-awaited sequel Glass. The story unfolds and explains the convoluted origin whereby Glass instigates the train crash killing 131 passengers and crew with only David Dunn surviving.

The final chapter centred around The Beast but it all leads back to Glass as the instigator.


Voldermort (Harry Potter)


That guy who we do not speak of tried to take out a baby, that is all we need to know, not to mention the years of torment he caused following. The complete and utter shite. Thank god Harry is a wizard!


That’s it for our alternative look at Hollywood’s most notorious, what did you think? Drop us a message in the comments below, on Twitter or Facebook.

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