Trick or Treat – How Well Do You Know the ‘Halloween’ Movies?

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You can’t have Halloween without the seasons biggest nasty, Michael Myers. So, celebrate October with us here at Two Beard Gaming by brushing up on your Halloween movie trivia and see how well you know everyone’s favourite seasonal psychopath.


In which year was the very first 'Halloween' movie released?

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According to the original script, what was the name of the film before it became 'Halloween'?

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We all know that Michael's mask is actually a bastardized Captain James T. Kirk mask, but what other famous face did John Carpenter and Debra Hill consider using first?

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To date, how many sequels has their been to the original 1978 movie?

Halloween Kills doesn't count!
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Which of these actors has NOT portrayed Michael Myers on screen?

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In 'Halloween parts 4 and 5', Michael is stalking which female relative?

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Laurie Strode fakes her own death to avoid further run ins with Michael Myers. But in what way does she choose to meet her maker?

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Which current Marvel Studios favourite made his film debut in the 6th installment of the 'Halloween' franchise: The Curse of Michael Myers?

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Prior to the release of 'Halloween' in 2018, which other entry in the series had the largest opening weekend gross?

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What other name is Michael Myers known by in the series?

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The 2018 'Halloween' was released on October 19th. What is significant about that date?

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How many of the 'Halloween' movies have actually been called 'Halloween'?

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Trick or Treat? The Halloween Movie Franchise Quiz
He has come home. Maybe you should have done the same - and stayed there!
Was that the Boogeyman? Nope, just a mediocre Halloween fan.
He had the blackest eyes. The devil's eyes. Also, he knew his Halloween trivia.
Sheriff, death has come to your little town. Death and a Halloween superfan!
You know, it's Halloween. I guess everybody's entitled to one good scare, huh?



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