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Xbox Game Pass – Games you might have missed: September Edition

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Another month, another great selection of titles added to XBOX GAME PASS! With such a wealth of titles, your friendly neighbourhood bearded gamer’s have once again cherry-picked a selection that you may have missed. This month we have a selection brimming with action, demons, manga, monsters, pixels and naked folk. Let’s get started.



If you ever questioned the value of Game Pass this might change your mind. Microsofts “other” big shooter just released it’s latest entry with the much-anticipated Gear 5 and is ready to play via Game Pass right now! Picking up where Gears 4 left off and switching focus to Kait Diaz for the lead protagonist alongside JD Fenix, Delmont Walker and everybody’s favourite tomato grower, Marcus Fenix, as she set’s out to uncover the Locust’s origin. Featuring the biggest campaign in the series as well as the much loved multiplayer full of guts, gore and Dave Bautista, “baaah gawd he sawed him in half!” Jump into Microsofts biggest title this year. If you are new to the series then don’t forget the entire saga is available on Game Pass.



What’s better than a beat em up full of flashy combo’s, over the top set pieces and a kick-ass soundtrack? one that features a crossover of your favourite characters and Jump Force does exactly that. Bringing together over 40 playable Manga megastars from Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh and beyond, fight to save multiple worlds from an evil threat through a beefy campaign or jump online and battle it out with your friends and fellow gamers. This one is over nine thousand!



After a lengthy time in development, the spiritual successor to Castlevania finally left kickstarted and was released earlier this year. Created by Koji Igarashi, you take control of Miriam as she ventures through 18th century England where an evil castle has mysteriously appeared, no it’s not the houses of Parlament but it is still full of evil bastards that need slaughtering. Metroidvania has become a genre that has nearly reached saturation in the indie scene but Bloodstained feels and looks spot on and is certainly a worthy successor to its famous lineage. Featuring a cosmetically customisable hero, crafting, levelling up and awesome boss battles, this is one you won’t want to miss.



When it comes to survival horror, less is more is generally the way forward, Blair Witch takes that notion on board and delivers a genuinely spooky experience. Set in Blackhills Forest, the same location as the popular movie from 1999, you join the search for a missing child but things soon take a turn for the strange as you become lost. The simple concept of being lost in the woods at night is one we can all relate to as being terrifying and Blair Witch balances the terror well with exploration, narrative and plot development. One to play with the lights out and the sound up.



They say practice makes perfect and that seems to be the notion with Dead Cells. A fast-paced romp through procedurally generated dungeons where risk and reward are the order of the day. As you slay monsters and bosses you are rewarded with cells that can be used to upgrade your character at the end of each dungeon, die before you reach the end and you lose it all. Luckily any upgrades you do apply remain so although you may have to start again over and over you will gradually become stronger, gain abilities and progress further in this challenging groundhog day roguelike.



You might say we have saved the best for last, but that really depends on your feelings towards Hideo Kojima’s masterful yet crazy world of Metal Gear Solid. Although listed as a collection this only features two entries from the saga but as any MGS fan will tell you, it’s arguably the two best entries.


Sons of Liberty follows on from the events of the original Metal Gear Solid and played a famous switcharoo with players back in 2001 by putting us in control of newcomer Raiden who is sent to the big shell facility to stop a terrorist group lead by the hero of Shadow Moses, Solid Snake! dun-dun-duuuuun! Naturally, nothing is quite as it seems throughout this stealth action masterpiece as you meet memorable characters, navigate a plotline full of political scandal and double-crosses and deal with inventive fourth-wall breaking shenanigans. If you have never played a Metal Gear before, this is the best place to start.


Before Les Enfants Terribles, before Outer Heaven and before he was Big Boss, he was naked. Yes really, take control of a young soldier codenamed “Naked Snake” as he ventures into enemy territory during the cold war to rescue a soviet scientist. In 2004 the gameplay was ahead of its time and still holds up today, use camouflage to blend into the jungle and environments to move like a ghost past your enemies or strike from the shadows like a viper, acquire weapons on site, catch animals to eat and perform surgery on yourself when injured. This is Metal Gear at it’s finest and gives fan’s the origins of some much-loved characters as well as a rich story of love, loyalty and betrayal with some truly inventive fourth wall moments.


With more than 100 titles on offer at any given time, now is the time to get on board with the best value for money on the gaming market right now!

What have you been playing from the fine selection on Game Pass? Anything you think we should take a look at and add to next months list? Get in touch via social media or leave a comment below and let us know!


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