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The Adventures of Elena Temple – Xbox One Review

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Elena Temple
Release 27/09/2019
Xbox version tested
Review code providedxboxspacer

Elena Temple is a treasure hunter, similar to Indiana Jones or Nathan Drake, that’s just looking to get rich or die trying. The problem is she’s stuck in a time capsule that’s never been opened until now. The Adventures of Elena Temple is an old school side scroller and maze exploration game that dives into the lore of a dev struggling to find success on emerging platforms.

The developer lets you choose your poison in a way. The game can be played in the style of multiple non-existent machines like a Bell computer monitor or Some Toy Advanced handheld. This will show the overall look of what it would be like to sit in front of the screen to play upon release. Living room couch in the background and everything. Zoom in and you have your full play screen. No matter which style you choose, the gameplay will not be affected. This is purely for nostalgia sake.

The game grew on me with time. At first, all the art feels bland and Elena seems way too tall. Well, actually she’s gigantic. There’s not much room to jump without her smashing her head on a platform above. It feels awkward to have a side scroller with such a lumbering main character. But with each coin collected, navigating Elena becomes engaging to get her through each level. It becomes part of the challenge, giving satisfaction with each area completed.

Everything is about collecting for Elena. Each screen will be filled with dangers like moving bats and crumbling platforms that will try to prevent you from collecting your treasure. Elena can pick up ammo two at a time and shoot down her enemies. You can even shoot down walls. It’s a powerful gun. Armed with only the gun and the ability to jump, you need to get through a maze of connected screens and collect all the hidden treasure.

The game can be difficult at times. There are some tough designs, and you’re sure to die. Luckily, it’s very forgiving. Quick respawn puts you back in the action and keeps the game from slowing down. There’s also unlimited lives.  So, if you don’t make the timing to get over that last spike, don’t worry, you can just try and try again.


Final Words:

The Adventures of Elena Temple is a simple side-scrolling platformer about collecting things. It captures the charm of the 80s and satisfies those with a completionist mindset. This game is not very meaty and isn’t the best on tight controls, but it’s an enjoyable little game with interesting level designs.



TBG Score: 7/10

xboxspacerPlatform: Steam, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 27/09/2019
No. of Players: 1
Category: Action, Adventure
Publisher: GrimTalin
Twitter: @GrimTalin
Download link: Microsoft Store

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