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It’s safe to say that modern-day gamers are spoilt for choice when it comes to selection. Not only do we have the triple-A behemoths coming out at a steady pace but the market is riddled with remasters and remakes of old favourites as well as a plethora of quality indie gems all vying for our cash. So after sinking over a hundred hours into an RPG, teabagging everyone that has had intercourse with your mother in fast-paced FPS action or set more best lap times than you can rightly remember, it’s nice to have something a bit different to spice things up, maybe there is a genre or a particular franchise all your friends rave about that you have been meaning to try but haven’t felt compelled to part with your hard earnt for.

It’s great to see then, that the classic DEMO is coming back in fine style, particularly on everybody’s favourite hybrid, the Nintendo Switch. With modern-day developers once again allowing players to try before they buy, there is no better time to take a look at what you might be missing out on, and we at the house that facial hair built have picked a few demo’s that are available now for you to try. We are confident that there will be something here to tickle your gaming taste buds and you might just find your new favourite game.



Hob: The Definitive Edition - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Released on Switch in April, this stunning adventure game has you travelling through a world in peril. After losing your arm to a suspicious gloop monster you are restored with a Hellboy like mechanical rock arm which you can use to shift the monolithic structures that cover the landscape as you solve puzzles and battle monsters in your quest to save the world from falling to darkness. The demo provides you with a good twenty to thirty minutes to of the opening moments of the game, enough time to fall in love with the beautiful graphics and fluid gameplay. Try the demo here >



God Eater 3 - Nintendo Switch Trailer

God Eater is an action role-playing game with a strong emphasis on hack and slash gameplay as you hunt down a series of monsters called Aragami. You take control of a God Eater, an enhanced human capable of wielding God Arc’s (your weapons basically) which come in all shapes and sizes. The premise may be familiar to anyone who played Monster Hunter or Soul Sacrifice. The demo provides you with a good chunk of content, rich character customisation including both Japanese and English voice options, several missions are on hand to really give you a taste of what’s on offer with the full version featuring up to four-player local co-op and eight-player online. Graphics are superb and combat is slick so if you fancy something that pulls no punches, try the demo here >



DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 - Launch Trailer | Switch

OK, so this technically isn’t a demo but it is certainly worth your time as you get plenty of content in DBZ XV2 Lite edition. Think of it as a taster for what’s to come. Featuring full character customisation, the first five-story missions and online play with your friends there are a good few hours of fun to be had. Featuring beautifully reimagined scenes from the most memorable moments of the show plus a whole new hub world to roam around in, this one almost singed my leg hair! Try the demo here >



Metropolis Lux Obscura - Nintendo Switch Release Trailer

Fancy something a bit more mature? then why not check out Metropolis Lux Obscura. A good twenty to thirty minutes are available in this sleazy and gritty animated noir comic strip that has Sin City vibes running right through it. One best enjoyed in a hand-held, follow the story of a recently released con, make decisions and get into fights in a classic match-three mini-game that has surprising depth and strategy. The full game features multiple endings so plenty of replay value if you like what you see. Try the demo here >



Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Trailer

Everybody loves a good adventure game, right? Oceanhorn is one such! Taking some clear inspiration from Zelda (making it a perfect fit for the Switch) spend a good thirty minutes or so with this charming adventure. Beautiful graphics and sound design really make this stand out as you get the hang of things in the opening section of the game. Dungeon crawling, puzzle-solving and monster slayer are all key ingredients that have been mixed in well. If you are struggling with the wait for Link’s Awakening to arrive, then look no further. Try the demo here >



Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer Ft. The Legend of Zelda - Nintendo E3 2019

Chances are you have heard of “Crypt of the Necrodancer” either from friends or coming across it in the eShop. Trying it on the other hand? maybe not, so why not take a crack at this lovely follow up featuring Nintendo’s most famous adventurer! Easy to understand but tricky to master you must move to the rhythm to smite enemies as you venture through Hyrule with a fantastic soundtrack and bright visuals which stand out in both docked and handheld, there is a good chunk of action on hand in the demo to allow you to get to grips with the unique gameplay, chances are you will be addicted. Try the demo here >



DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition - Nintendo E3 2019

Now we won’t go as far as to say we saved the best for last, as gaming is all about personal preference. But we have most certainly saved the most generous. The port of Dragon Quest XI has been highly anticipated by switch owners and for good reason, this long-running series has been the staple point in the JRPG genre for years and if you haven’t tried one, now is a perfect time. Featuring between ten and twelve hours of gameplay, Square Enix has been very generous at providing a nice slice of content for you to engross yourself in and as with Octopath Traveller, all progress from the demo will carry over should you wish to purchase the full game. Try the demo here >


So there you are, a selection of cracking demo’s, all available for you right now for free. There are plenty more demo’s available so have a browse and let us know via our social media pages if you want us to cover any more in the future or if you have ever bought a game you normally wouldn’t have after trying the demo.

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