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NBC in Talks to Bring ‘Saved by the Bell’ out of Detention

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Quiet now please, class is in session. That’s right, the year might be 2019, and you might be closer to your midlife crisis than you are your graduation, but it’s time to head back to a Bayside High as Saved by the Bell makes its long-awaited return.

Yes, you read that right. Iconic NBC sitcom Saved by the Bell is finally being let out of detention and back onto television according to numerous reports online. Though little is known about the revival, it is believed that actors Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley (that’s AC Slater and Jessie to us) have been approached and have agreed to reprise their roles.

Surprisingly absent from the reports though is former star Mark-Paul Gosselaar who told Variety that he had not been approached about the project. This is contrary to some reports which state Gosselaar’s Zack Morris character would be integral to the overall plot. Could it be that the plan is to replace the actor who now appears on NBC rival station ABC in Mixed-ish.

Anything else at this time is speculation. Could Mr Belding still be walking the halls as principal? Will cast members kiss and make-up with Dustin ‘don’t call me Screech’ Diamond, or has he been permanently expelled from class? We’ll no doubt have more in this as it develops, because let’s face it, we live for this kind of news.


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