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The Dark Crystal: 5 Other Fantasy Films Netflix Could Adapt Next

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Following the huge success of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance we ponder which classic fantasy movie Netflix could adapt for television next.



Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children (2016, movie)

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children had all the signs of being a hit when the trailers began to drop for the 2016 Tim Burton movie, but alas, it was nothing more than an average Hollywood yarn. Rebooting that for the small screen might not be much better, but that doesn’t mean the original Ransom Riggs book series couldn’t be raided to create the next Netflix cash cow.

The books are far darker and much more exciting than the movie, and if the whole Umbrella Academy vibe could be replicated with the titular ‘peculiar children’ then you’d open the property up to a whole new audience ready for something to fill the Spaceboy-sized void in our lives.



Dragonheart 1996.png

Dragonheart was one of the first real CGI heavy movies to hit cinemas back in the 1990s, and given how much everyone seems to love dragons these days, there’s no way this could fail.

The movie is a self-contained piece, but there’s plenty of room for backstory, especially if Netflix could convince Sean Connery to come out of retirement and reprise his role as Draco, the kind-hearted dragon who befriends Dennis Quaid’s Bowen, a dragon-slaying knight who teams up with his foe to battle a tyrannical king.


3. RETURN TO OZ (1985)

Return to Oz.png

The Wizard of Oz is a firm family favourite, despite some quite sinister undertones that previous generations chose to ignore. In the 1985 Walt Disney produced sequel though, there are no undertones with the filmmakers instead opting for a dark, mental health-themed story about societies inability to accept young Dorothy’s stories when she returns from the fantastical world of Oz.

Escaping an asylum, and returning to her beloved Land of Oz, Dorothy quickly finds a world irrevocably different from the one she remembers. It is a world in ruins, a world of darkness, and a world populated by unimaginable horrors. Return to Oz would fit right into the niche carved out by The Dark Crystal TV prequel, and if the showrunners were to maintain the feel and aesthetic of the movie it would be even cooler.



The Neverending Story.png

People of a certain age will remember The Neverending Story as one of the greatest fantasy movies ever made, and some others might remember it as a book. But let’s face it, everyone else remembers it because of Stranger Things season 3.

The franchise has been ripe for a reboot for decades, and honestly, we’re surprised no one picked up on adapting it sooner. The story is one of a young boy who discovers a fantastical world threatened with eternal darkness, and so joins the fight to save the day. The only thing is, this world only exists within a book! Luckdragons, gnomes, and Jack Black with a mono-brow all feature along the way (Black plays a bully in one of the sequels), but with a sparkling new cast, some fancy FX and a killer cover version of the theme tune, this could be Netflix’s next big hit.


1. LABYRINTH (1986)


It goes without saying that Labyrinth is Jim Henson’s single greatest achievement outside of The Muppet Show, beating even The Dark Crystal to the number one spot in the heart of fans of all ages. The iconic movie gave us so much, but there are so many unanswered questions that bringing it back for a Netflix revival would be a truly brilliant idea. The biggest question though would be how do you do it without star David Bowie?

If the showrunners can get past that HUGE obstacle, then the world of Labyrinth is ripe for the picking as a TV series. They could go the prequel route like Age of Resistance, or they could embark on a whole new adventure, bringing Jennifer Connelly back into the fold as an adult. Either way, it would be must-see TV, and we’re excited to see if anyone at Netflix is willing to move the stars for us and make it happen.


What’s your favourite fantasy movie or book series that you’d like to see Netflix adapt next? Let us know in the comments section, and don’t forget to like and share on Facebook, Twitter, and your favourite toilet wall.





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