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Apple Unveils iPhone 11 With Dual 4K Cameras

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Apple has unveiled the latest version its iPhone, the ingeniously titled iPhone 11.

The new mobile phone will have a much faster processor speed than previous devices, as well as a sleek new look. Apple also boasts that the new models will have between 2-5 extra hours battery life than any previous iPhone, making those long journeys home much more bearable.

Perhaps more exciting than that though is the inclusion of an additional 4K quality camera, which allows for wide-angle image capture as well as a functional night mode that makes late-night photography much easier for any perverts or serial killers who only work at night.

iPhone 11 (2019 reveal).png

Improved Wi-Fi, faster face recognition, and vastly superior video recording which apparently allows multiple camera angles, are among the other features touched upon by Apple, but due to time constraints, they were unable to offer much more information.

So, the next question is… will you be upgrading to the iPhone 11 when it comes out for preorder next week?

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