WWE: SummerSlam 2019 – Recap

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The biggest party of the summer has once again concluded and it’s safe to say WWE really went all out this year to stage a tremendous show. Now more than ever are loyal WWE fans craving something new and fresh and it seems the patience they have is slowly starting to be rewarded. Let’s recap the relevant happenings…

For all the bitching and moaning that the online ‘experts’ do about Brock Lesnar, it cannot be argued that when it comes to big-time main events, he can hang with the best of them. Both he and Seth Rollins staged a gruelling main event with the outcome being one that definitely sent the fans home happy. With Brock likely heading to Smackdown when the brand debuts on Fox this October, that could present some fresh feuds for him and keep him strong. Rollins now has battles with Drew McIntyre, Braun Strowman and others to sink his teeth into. On this night, WWE staged a near-flawless main event.

Kofi Kingston is Still WWE champion. Many thought Orton would take this one, this writer included, but KofiMania continues. The match itself could be described as a little underwhelming given the story going into it but was a choice match nevertheless. One cannot help but wonder now how long it will be before KofiMania visits Suplex City!?!?

Kevin Owens is thankfully still with us. The only problem is that so is Shane McMahon. This feud seems to be building to a bigger climax which I am sure we are all thankful for. Owens truly has the chance to became the legit main event star many have always thought he could be and with the right dance partner opposite him, it could happen. Hell, he recently resigned for 5 years so the time and build is there, ready and waiting.

The Fiend has arrived! The re-emergence of Bray Wyatt has been a revelation and he did not disappoint last Sunday. From his spinetingling entrance to his total annihilation of Finn Balor, it was a near-perfect way to reintroduce someone to the WWE Universe. On the back of this alone, a future shot at the Universal title does not seem that unlikely.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair were once again spotlighted respectively against Natalya and the returning Trish Stratus. One final war between these two could be on the cards between now and WrestleMania next year. Whether fans like it or not, it cannot be any less than something special when these two Women hook it up one more time.


WWE seems to be slowly building some momentum over the last couple of months and with the countdown to AEW on TNT almost over, now is the time for Vinnie Mac and his merry men to regain their place in the minds of the fans worldwide as the must-see company in pro wrestling. War is coming grapple fans. Are you ready???


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